Using the Web Site to Track Your Workouts

Using the Web Site to Track Your Workouts

Using - iPod and FuelBand
Using - iPod and FuelBand. Wendy Bumgardner ©

The Nikeplus web site is a great free way to track your running and walking workouts. You can use it with their Nike+ Running app, Nike Apple Watch app, Nike+ iPod nano app, with the Nike+ Fuelband and the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. You aren't limited to using just one device or app, so you can track your workouts in various ways and see them all on

The first time you use the Nikeplus site, you can sign in your Facebook identity or you can sign up an email address. You create a username and password you will use to access your data on the web site and to associate with Nike mobile apps.

Now you select which apps and devices you will use to track your workouts and sync to

How your workouts get uploaded depends on the device or app.

  • iPod nano workouts upload when you plug it into the USB charger/sync cable.
  • Nike+ Fuelband workouts and daily steps can be synced from the mobile app or by the USB charger/sync cable. To sync with the cable, you will need to install the Nike Connect program on the computer.
  • Nike+ Running app workouts are automatically synced to the Nikeplus web site.

Nikeplus Dashboard for Running and Walking Workouts

Nikeplus Running Screen
Nikeplus Running Screen. Nike - Screen Capture by Wendy Bumgardner

The Dashboard at has two different views, depending on which devices or apps you use. The NikeFuel icon will show data from the Fuelband and other NikeFuel devices and apps. Select the runner icon to see workouts tracked by the Nike+ iPod app, Nike Running app, Nike Apple Watch app and FuelBand-tracked workouts.

Your all-time workout totals are displayed. Unfortunately, Nike doesn't use inclusive language for walkers, so every workout is labeled a "run." It includes your all-time number of "runs," total distance and average pace.

Your last workout is shown and you can view a quick look at your last seven workouts. On each, you can select View Details to go to a more-detailed look in the Activity screen.

The Dashboard also has a Leaderboard showing how you compare with any friends you have added, and how you compare with the average person of your age and gender.

Nikeplus Activity - View Details and Totals of Your Walks and Runs

Nikeplus Activity Detail
Nikeplus Activity Detail. Nike - Screen Capture by Wendy Bumgardner

The Activity screen can display your runs by Week, Month, Year or All-time.

If you came to the Activity screen from the Dashboard to via the View Details link for a workout, you will see the work in detail. This includes a graph of your pace and breakouts for each mile. If you used an app or device that included location, you can see the details on a map.

If you are in a week, month or year view you can select any of the workouts to view them in detail.

You can also view heart rate details for workouts where you have used a heart rate monitor.

Set Goals on the Web Site

Nike FuelBand Goal
Nike FuelBand Goal. Kazuhiro Tanda/Moment Mobile/Getty Images

From the Dashboard, you can set goals for frequency of workouts, miles, Nike Fuel or calories burned. Once you set a goal, you will see your progress towards it on your Dashboard, with coaching if you are not on track to meet your goal.

Nikeplus Places - Find or Create Walking and Running Routes

Nikeplus Places Route
Nikeplus Places Route. Nike - Screen Capture by Wendy Bumgardner

The Places tab can be used to find walking and running routes in your area and to create your own. Enter your location and explore routes already created. You can draw a route on the map and save it.

When you walk or run one of the Places routes, your stats will be saved, and you can see how you compare with other people who have walked or run the same route and how you compare with your previous runs.

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