Vacation Breasts - Temporary Breast Augmentation

The Lunchtime Boob Job

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Not willing to commit to breast implants or to having fat transplanted into your breasts, but you still want to look a bit fuller for that upcoming beach vacation? Your wedding? Some other special occasion? Not quite feeling the recovery period that accompanies breast augmentation with implants? There are some alternatives, some available in the United States, and some not. You should know however, that the option that is available in the United States is not one that is readily or enthusiastically offered by most plastic surgeons.

The gold standard for enlarging breasts is breast augmentation with implants. The use of implants has been studied for both short-term and long-term effects and has been found to be a safe way to enhance your breasts. Of course, there will be some women who will reject breast implants for other reasons. Implants are placed directly under your breast tissue or under you pectoral muscle. These implants can be either saline-filled or silicone-filled. Either way, your native breast tissue is not altered.

More recently,breast augmentation with fat has become more popular. In this procedure, fat is injected into the breast, which does affect the architecture or structure of your breasts and possibly future mammograms. It is also has a less predictable outcome than breast augmentation with implants because some of the injected fat will be resorbed by the body. Both procedures however, are not without some risk.

So what about a way to avoid surgery, and still make your breasts appear bigger?

Injecting a saline solution into the breast, yes, the same fluid used to rehydrate dehydrated people can give you that temporary plump you’re looking for. It is the same saline solution used to fill saline implants. This procedure was initially used by a few plastic surgeons as a way for women seeking breast augmentation to determine how they might look after breast augmentation.

Pumping the breasts with saline solution, commonly known as salt water, will give the plumped up effect for 24 hours before the saline is absorbed into the bloodstream. This could be feasible for a one-night event, but what if you’re going away for a vacation? You don’t want those pumped up breasts to deflate after only 24 hours!

While not currently FDA-approved in the United States, an off label use of dermal fillers that has been employed outside the United States, specifically in Europe, has been injection of dermal fillers into the breasts. Fillers used for this are similar to Restylane and Juvéderm which are made of hyaluronic acid. One such hyaluronic acid filler, Macrolane, was banned in Britain because it was thought to prevent clear reading of mammograms. All dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid will eventually be degraded by your body. A subsequent treatment will be required nine to twelve months after the injection. This will continue indefinitely for as long as you want the look.

Ultimately, this could cost more than just having a breast augmentation with implants from the start if you desire to this frequently.

There are plenty of critics to the temporary plumping of breasts with saline. Some plastic surgeons are concerned that injecting saline into the breast tissue could change the architecture or structure of the breast, loosening ligaments and eventually contributing to breast ptosis or sagging. Additionally, saline plumped into the breast does not feel the same as when inserted into the breasts in the form of saline implants. It feels firm and swollen, not soft and supple.

So a quick fix in terms of enhancing your breasts may not be all it’s cracked up to be. If you want just a 24-hour enhancement and you can find a plastic surgeon willing to inject saline into your breasts and you have an extra $3000-$4000 for a temporary fix, then saline injection to the breast may be the procedure for you. If you prefer a longer-lasting, non-surgical fix, a trip to Europe may be necessary.

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