Valentine's Day Baby Names

Baby girl with smiley face in pink hat.
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Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday with a religious and historic background. While the history is a bloody mess, traditional Valentine's Day has become a very nice, sweet, and pleasant holiday. This is something that you may want to convey if your baby is born on or around the holiday.

Sure you could think of some names that go along with the theme, but I find that the baby names that immediately jumped to my mind were all either nicknames or diminutive  forms of names.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with that, but it takes a special thought process to accept those as names and not everyone is willing to take that leap.

You could certainly do names like:

  • Honey
  • Muffin (Yes, it's a real name)
  • Sweetie
  • Baby (See Dirty Dancing)

I do not see these as being really viable names for your baby. And, there aren't many masculine names that fit into this category. So what might work?

Some families are happy to name their baby after a nearby holiday if they give birth. So here are some names for you if you have a Valentine’s baby.


These names are very beautiful and lovely, but also have a very strong flavor. That was intentional. I think that if you are going to have a birthday near Valentine's day and be named someone related, you will need to stick up for yourself occasionally. If you want to branch out from these names, think flower names, color names, and words that mean beautiful.

  1. Valentina – Latin for strong and healthy
  2. Rose – Latin for the flower
  3. Violet – Latin for purple
  4. Amy/Amie – French for beloved
  5. Carys – Welsh for love
  6. Ruby – English for red gemstone
  7. Adora – Greek for adored
  8. Juliet – Latin for youthful, romantic character from Romeo and Juliet
  9. Yedida – Hebrew for beloved
  1. Belle – French for beautiful


The boys names have a decidedly different feel, all standing for love or something representative. There were not too many names readily available. Branching out might make you look for the names of famous lovers, words that mean handsome or strong, romantic, etc. And remember, beauty and definition are often in the eye of the beholder.

  1. Valentino – Latin for love (You could use Valentina and Valentino for boy/girl twins born on Valentine's day.)
  2. Romeo – Italian origin for citizen of Rome, romantic character from Romeo and Juliet
  3. Beau – French for handsome, sweetheart
  4. Eros – Greek for love
  5. Doved – Hebrew for dove (pronounced doveed)
  6. Philo – Greek for love
  7. Ehud – Hebrew for love
  8. Cullen – Irish and Gaelic for good looking
  9. Adonis – Greek for handsome
  10. Thaddeus – Aramaic for heart

No matter what baby names you chose, your child will always know that you had to think of giving them a name based on this holiday. This might be a great way to tease them lovingly for a very long time. 

"We gave our baby a 'normal' name," says one mom. "But we loved the nickname Adonis because he was born on Valentine's day and the nurse commented on how handsome he was, so it just sort of stuck.

We realized that we hadn't really been using his real name for several months, confusing the daycare and lots of other people. We had to stop."

Pick a name you love and go with it Don't look back. The rest of the world will follow.

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