Valentine's Day Fun

Games, food, and plenty of activities

Valentine's Day is a day celebrated by people of all ages.  Enjoy the day and help your child enjoy it too!

Valentine's Cards

Girl ( 6-7) cutting heart shape for Valentine's day
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Giving and getting Valentine's Day cards is a big part of the fun of Valentine's Day. But why buy them when you and the kids can make your own?

Pop-Up Valentine's Cards
What child doesn't like pop-up cards? Here are some easy-to-follow instructions for creating some. Make some for your child and help your child make some for others.

Simple and Easy Valentine's Cards
Activity Village has quite a few ideas for cards that the kids can make.

Printable Valentines
If you don't have time to create Valentine's cards from scratch, but don't want the store bought cards, you can use some printable cards.


Are you looking for some fun activities for the kids for Valentine's Day?  Look no more!

Valentine's Day Printable Worksheets
Worksheets?  Well, not really. These sheets are for Valentine's Day themed Sudoku, word search, crossword puzzles, anagrams and more.

Printable Games and Activities
These activities include coloring pages, mazes, boggle, cryptograms and more to keep the kids busy and entertained.

Coloring Pages
Some of the printables to color here are the usual pictures to color with characters like Cookie Monster and Donald Duck, but there are also quite a few hearts with mosaic-like designs which are harder to find.


Need some ideas to help get your child's creative juices flowing? Check out these crafts!

Valentine's Day Crafts
I love these ideas!  Most of them are easy to do but look just great!  Even the little ones can do some of these with a little help.

Best Easy Valentine's Day Gifts
Thirty-nine great craft ideas.  They do make wonderful gifts, but they're also just fun to make.


Valentine's Day is a day that's easy for creating themed foods: Heartshaped pancakes, strawberry milk (or plain milk with  red food coloring), heart-shaped regular or french toast by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, heart-shaped hamburgers or heart-shaped pizza. Use your imagination!

Recipes for Teens
Sometimes we forget that our teens like special treats for Valentine's Day.  Here are dozens of them!

Valentine's Day Cooking for Kids
Here are some more simple and easy ideas for making Valentine's Day food special!

Online Games and Activities

These are for kids who love to work and play on the computer!

Interactive Games and Puzzles
This site has plenty of interactive activities for the kids: concentration, mazes, word search, and games like catch falling hearts, dress up, match three, spot the differences, and more.

Online Valentine's Day Games
More match, concentration, dress up, spot the differences games are on this page.  It also has numerous other fun games including breakout, row swapping, memory sequencing games.

Coloring Pages
Here are some pages to color online. They aren't as easy as some online coloring pages since some of the spaces are small, but it's a great way for kids to practice with small motor skills.  The sounds that play are a fun bonus.

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