The Best Gifts to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

Sophisticated, Trendy, Practical, Sexy, and Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Condom Lollipops

Condom Lollipops. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

Valentine's Day can be a special time to celebrate love and your sexuality. It's a day that makes us pause and focus on affection and relationships. Besides that, it's a perfect time to spice up your sex life! How can you make Valentine's Day both sexy and safe? From Valentine's Day condoms to safe underwater sex, here are some fun, sophisticated, trendy, practical, sexy, and romantic ideas for the special Valentine in your life. Learn ways to incorporate birth control into your Valentine's Day celebration.

You can pair these lollipop condoms with a cute little poem, like ​Roses are red; Violets are blue, Let's share a condom, or perhaps maybe two!

More endearing than those traditional candy conversation hearts, share your love for your special someone with these creative and unique condom pops. Most are FDA-approved for pregnancy protection (make sure to read the label).

Condom Bouquets

Condom Bouquets. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

Here is a unique gift -- sure to surprise your special someone.

Chances are, your Valentine is expecting to have a dozen roses delivered on this special day. Surprise that special person instead with a totally unexpected and fun bouquet of condoms. These range from mugs to huge bouquets filled with all sorts of goodies like candy, ​personal lubricants and, of course, condoms.

Chocolate Flavored Condoms

Chocolate Flavored Condoms. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

These flavored condoms are a fun and tasty substitute for a box of chocolates!

Most chocolate-flavored condoms are FDA approved for strength and protection (make sure to check the label). These come in surprise delicious flavor combinations, such as chocolate-mint, chocolate-coconut, and chocolate-orange. Don't like chocolate? Other yummy flavors, like vanilla and cola, are also available.

Enjoy a Romantic Jacuzzi or Bath

Romantic Jacuzzi. Photo reprinted with Permission from T.L. Halpern

Let your imagination get the best of you as you set up a romantic, fantasy night to include some underwater sex.

You can prepare a warm bubble bath or garnish a Jacuzzi with rose petals and candles. Make sure to use birth control if you don't want to be creating a little cupid of your own! Find out how to safely protect yourself from pregnancy while having sex underwater.

Cupid Condoms

Cupid Condoms. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

Instead of being shot with his arrow, let Cupid leave your Valentine this cute present.

Designed to look like a matchbox, each pack of Cupid Condoms has one lubricated red condom tucked inside -- a cute way to add a little surprise to your Valentine's Day.

Condom Cubes

Condom Cubes. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

These classy boxes would make a perfect gift for a Valentine who values practicality and style.

These condom cubes come in both masculine and feminine styles and can usually hold up to 12 condoms. They have a magnetic flap for easy, one-handed access. With this gift, your Valentine can discreetly store condoms. A condom cube can also help enhance your lovemaking by eliminating the mood-ruining hassle of searching for a condom

Candy Condoms

Candy Condoms. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

Here is another idea that can add a new twist to the notion of giving candy on Valentine's Day. Give the gift of candy condoms.

This is sure to be a winner for that special man in your life. Available in a variety of flavors, the condom is rolled on and can then be eaten off…let your imagination take over from here. Remember, though, ​candy condoms are for novelty use only. This means that they do not provide any type of protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Valentine's Day Condoms and Love Kits

Love Condoms Love Condoms. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

Use your creativity to design the ultimate love kit.

Express your affection for your Valentine by giving the gift of love condoms. These Valentine's Day condoms tend to be thinner to allow for more sensation. You can also look for dual color condoms that are pink with red tips –- just perfect for a Valentine's Day rendezvous (as they are FDA-approved and contain a light water-based lubricant). Pair these up with a condom-safe warming lubricant, rose petals and some scented candles. A romantic, thoughftful, and practical Valentine's Day present.

Trendy Reminder Birth Control Pill Cases

Pill Compacts with Alarm. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

These "pillpaks" are a great way to show that special female in your life how much you care.

Your thoughtfulness will shine through as you make your Valentine's life easier by giving her a trendy birth control pill case with a built-in alarm. These come in both rectangular and circular designs and accommodate most brands of combined oral contraceptives. All she needs to do is place her pill case into the pillpak, set the time and the alarm, and this functional pill container will remind her each day that it is time to take her pill!

  • Order a Reminder Birth Control Pill Case

Sophisticated Condom Cases

Sophisticated Condom Cases. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

These chic condom containers will provide women with a sense of empowerment and personal responsibility.

To help ensure that a special lady in your life is always prepared for a safe, sexual encounter, give her one of these fashionable and stylish condom cases. Each compact opens up to reveal a mirror and has a hidden compartment to store condoms. Styles range from "bling" to elegant. These cases provide a discreet and sophisticated way for women to carry condoms, just in case an amorous situation presents itself.

Birth Control Pill Candy Mold

Birth Control Pill Candy Mold. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

Okay, here is an idea for those of you who have a little talent in the kitchen.

Instead of giving out traditional chocolate candy this Valentine's Day, have some fun creating your own chocolates in the shape of birth control pill packs. These unique pieces of chocolate are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. These can make cute "gag" gifts for friends and would make perfect favors or decorations for Valentine's Day parties. An alternative idea: Use the mold to make birth control-shaped soap to use during a romantic bath, or to add that special Valentine's Day touch in the bathroom.

Pill Pack Compacts

Pill Pack Compacts. Photo © 2008 Dawn Stacey

These stylish birth control pill compacts will allow that special woman to be fashionably discreet while feeling at ease carrying her pills on the go.

These pill pack compacts are chic, have an "any-day" start design, and eliminate the need for using stickers to know which day it is. There are several designs to choose from, including limited editions by fashionista Nicole Miller, who is "passionate about continuing to design beautiful and fashionable compacts for the Pill since it allows women to feel confident and, most importantly, helps them live a more balanced lifestyle." Show your Valentine that you appreciate her assuming the responsibility to take the Pill each day by presenting her with one of these trendy compacts.