Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Show Your Love This Valentine's Day With These Fun Gift Ideas

Chocolate, a stuffed animal and jewelry are all possible Valentine's Day gifts for your tween daughter.
Any Valentine's Day gift idea should be fun and from the heart. Linnel Esler/

Valentine's Day can be such a fun holiday for tweens. While many tweens may have grown out of classroom Valentine exchanges, that doesn't mean they no longer want to be a part of the fun. If your tween daughter is expecting a little something from you on Valentine's Day, consider some of the gift ideas below. These Valentine's Day gift ideas range in price from a mere dollar to just under $50.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Girls

  • An iPod or an iPod dock, in pink or red, of course.
  • A Valentine mug stuffed with tea bags (such as Strawberry-Kiwi). Wrap in cellophane and tie with a pink or red ribbon. Your Valentine doubles as a card. Or, consider a cute little tea set in your daughter's favorite color. You can even enjoy a tea party together to celebrate the holiday.
  • A pair of Valentine-themed socks makes for a great gift in the dead of winter. Look for fuzzy and thick socks that can double as slippers on rainy or cold days.
  • A box of chocolates, or an oversized candy bar. Wrap in pink or red tissue paper and attach a white bow.
  • Don't forget about lotions, shower gel, and heart-shaped soaps when considering Valentine gifts. Arrange the items in a basket or box with your Valentine card before delivering.
  • Perfume or body spray is also well-received by preteen girls. Look for fragrances that are clean and light, such as Love's Baby Soft.
  • Is your tween daughter ready for her first romance book? The Twilight series isn't the only romantic series that appeals to tweens and teens. Consider a book that offers a little comedy, such as My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison, or the graphic novel, Rapunzel's Revenge, by Shannon and Dean Hale.
  • A list of Valentine's Day gift ideas wouldn't be complete without the mention of flowers. If your daughter loves flowers, an inexpensive bouquet of daisies or carnations might be just the thing. Tie with a ribbon and surprise her with them at dinner, or leave them on the kitchen table for her to find on Valentine's day morning.
  • If flowers won't impress your sweetie, consider a bouquet of red, pink and white balloons. Your local dollar store should be able to hook you up with these, at an affordable price.
  • A good love story is a must for Valentine's Day. Consider giving your tween a DVD that offers a little romance. The Princess Bride, Ever After, High School Musical and Titanic are all choices for the preteen crowd.
  • A special dinner for you and your daughter might make Valentine's Day extra special and memorable. Take your daughter out on a parent/daughter date and enjoy the time you have together. 

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