Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom

This year, show Mom just how much you and the kids care with one of these special gifts. But remember, what she wants most of all is just to know that you love her -- so make sure you and the kids tell her often.

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You may not know it, but Mom's literary needs sometimes include books besides Good Night Moon and Where the Wild Things Are. Even if Mom isn't an avid reader, she'll appreciate a chance to pick up something from other stores at, including Target and Marshall Field's.


Flowers for Mom
Flower for Mom. Photo © Pricegrabber

Okay, sure, it's cliche. But it's true, generally speaking, unless Mom has allergy issues, she will probably love a big bouquet of flowers. If Mom is the practical type ("I can't believe you spent a bunch of money on something that is just going to die in a few days!!") then you can choose one of the many different potted plants or flowers that will last year-round.

Godiva Chocolates

Godiva Chocolates
Godiva Chocolates. Photo © Pricegrabber

Yes, another cliche... But this isn't just any chocolate- this is Godiva chocolate. And if Mom has been low-carbing, doesn't she deserve a little break? What better time than Valentine's Day? Pick from standard heart-shaped boxes, go for the themed gift baskets or choose a mix of chocolates and flavored cocoas.


Pajamas for Mom
Pajamas for Mom. Photo © Pricegrabber

That's right, pajamas. If Mom has been wearing that same ratty nightgown or pair of sweats for years, treat her with some comfortable P.J.s. There are many styles you can choose here from the ultracomfortable (from the kiddos) to the ultrasexy (you might want to wait and give these to Mom in private).


Mom probably runs a pretty tight ship with regards to housekeeping, but Spring will be here soon which means Spring Cleaning. Get Mom the help she deserves with some maid service. You can get someone to come in and do deep cleaning for just a day (jobs like cleaning baseboards, ceiling fans and blinds) or you can treat Mom with a weekly service (for routine jobs like dusting, cleaning bathrooms and sweeping/mopping floors).


Massage Chair

Massage Chair for Mom
Massage Chair for Mom. Photo © Pricegrabber

I cannot tell you how excited a tired, worn down mother would be to see one of these waiting for her at the end of the day. Or in the middle of the day. Or during a middle-of-the-night feeding. Or just whenever. A gift like this tells Mom that you love her and appreciate the hard work she's doing and that she deserves to relax and kick her feet up whenever she'd like.

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