Valentine's Day Math Activities

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It's easy to encourage gifted children to be creative on Valentine's Day. We can have them create their own Valentine's Day cards or draw pictures about Valentine's Day. It's also relatively easy to nurture the abilities of verbally gifted children on Valentine's Day. We can give them word search puzzles and encourage them to write stories involving Valentine's Day. But what about mathematically gifted children?

How do we nurture their math abilities on Valentine's Day? It may be a little harder to figure out activities for them, but it's not impossible!

Valentine's Day Math Worksheets

One way to nurture those math abilities on Valentine's Day is to provide some math problems with a Valentine's Day theme. From basic math problems on heart-themed paper to story problems with a Valentine's Day twist, you'll find something for your mathematically gifted child.

  • ABC Teach Printable Math Worksheets
    This Web site has several free Valentine's Day math worksheets. Most of them are rather basic, so they'd be more appropriate for the youngest mathematically gifted child.
  • Valentine's Day Math Worksheets
    This site has many, many math worksheets with a Valentine's Day theme. The worksheets ask about comparisons and ordering, patterns, addition, multiplication, and mixed operations. There are dozens and dozens of worksheets, all pdf files that you can download and print out.
  • Valentine's Day Math Story Problems
    Math is not my area of strength, so I've always been impressed by those who work out math story problems. They require more than just the memorization of basic math facts. They require some mathematic reasoning. That makes them ideal for mathematically gifted kids.

    Valentine's Day Math Games and Puzzles

    While some kids actually enjoy worksheets, some would rather play some fun math games. You can find some fun math games with a Valentine's Day theme that your child can play with you or with friends.

    • The Curriculum Corner
      This site has a number of Valentine's Day themed math games: Double the Number, Addition Bump, Hop to It, Monster Math, and Add 10 Robots. Each game is a pdf file that you print out. You need one die to play. A couple of the games are pretty much the same, just with different pictures, but still, they are games to play that ask children to use math.
    • Math Ideas for Valentines Day
      These ideas from include some puzzles with a Valentine's Day theme as well as some activities. One is similar to a tangram puzzle where children have to put the geometric shapes together to form a heart. All you have to do to get these puzzles is click on the link for the puzzle you want and then print it out! You may want to laminate the printouts before you cut them, though, so they last longer.
    • ABC Teach Valentine's Day Games
      The ABC Teach Web site has more than math worksheets for Valentine's Day. It also has plenty of games, some of which involve math and numbers. These include dominoes and math cards.

      Valentine's Day Math Activities

      In addition to math worksheets, games, and puzzles, your child can also enjoy some of these activities with a Valentine's Day theme.

      • Valentine's Day Math for Toddlers and Preschoolers
        The Reading Confetti site has some cute ideas for kids just learning numbers. One might be a little tricky for the youngest mathematically gifted child because it involves eating M&Ms. If your child is younger than three and is already learning numbers, you might want to use something other than M&Ms.
      • Valentine’s Day Math Activity
         This activity from No Time for Flash Cards is one that involves numerous math skills. Your child is sure to love it.

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