Valentine's Day Movies for Preteen Fun

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Valetine's Day can be a fun holiday for tweens who are just discovering romance and first love. If your tween is in the mood to celebrate the event with a party, or a simple family get-together, consider watching a good movie, one full of love or romance. The films below are tween appropriate and are worthy considerations for Valentine's Day movies.

Valentine's Day Movies for Tweens

The Parent Trap, Rated PG, 1998

If your tween is throwing a Valentine's get-together with friends, try to find a few Valentine's Day movies that offer both romance and a little mischief. In this remake of a Walt Disney classic, Lindsay Lohan stars as twins Hallie and Annie, who were separated when they were young. When the twins meet at camp they strategize how to reunite their long separated parents. A worthy remake, with Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson as the parents.

The Princess Bride, Rated PG, 1987

A fairy tale with both adventure and humor. In this Rob Reiner film, Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) and her beloved farm boy (Cary Elwes) face evil monarchs, magic, pirates, and a host of other obstacles in order to stay together.

Little Women, Rated PG, 1994

Valentine's day movies for kids can offer romantic love, and family love at the same time. This 1994 version of Louisa May Alcott's classic story of family, love and growing up stars Winona Ryder as the independent Jo, full of dreams and adventure.
Will she settle down with Laurie, the friend who has loved her for years, or will she find a life and love when and where she least expects it?

Ella Enchanted, Rated PG, 2004

Another fairly tale with a sense of humor, Ella Enchanted is the movie that made Anne Hathaway a star. In this film, Ella is given the gift of obedience on the day she was born, but the gift turns out to be more of a curse.
Later in life, Ella sets out to undo her curse, and along the way crosses paths with ogres, giants, fairies, and of course, the handsome Prince Char.

Enchanted, Rated PG, 2007

This half-animated, half-real life Disney film charmed audiences when it first came out in 2007. The story tells the tale of Princess Giselle, who finds love with her Prince. But when the evil Narissa finds out, she casts Giselle into modern day Manhattan, where Giselle learns about true love, and teaches others a few lessons along the way. The movie stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, and Susan Sarandon.

A Little Princess, Rated G, 1995

Not all Valentine's Day movies have to be romantic ones, as this version of Frances Hodgsons Burnett's classic story, A Little Princess, illustrates. Sent to the school her deceased mother attended as a girl, Sara Crewe is told her father was killed in action during World War I. Forced into poverty and to serve the school's headmistress as a servant, Sara never gives up hope, discovers true friendship, magic, and that the love between father and daughter can sometimes make miracles come true.

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