Valentine's Day Treat Bags For Preschoolers

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A Valentine's Day celebration is great fun in a preschool classroom. Not only are the kids so excited for an opportunity for a party, how could you not love all those sweet little faces! Besides crafts and songs, an important part of many classroom Valentine's Day party are the treat bags that get handed out to each child.

Whether you are asked by a teacher or class parent to put Valentine's Day treat bags together for your child's class, or want to hand out something special with your child's Valentine's Day cards, these ideas for goodies are great for a treat bag or as small stand-alone gifts.

Luckily, these types of items are pretty easy to find -- most dollar-type stores, grocery stores, and discount stores carry a wide assortment of general goodie bag items as well as toys, games, and candies for specific holidays. If you decide that you would rather not give the kids in the class a bag of small treats, you can also find larger items such as a reading book or coloring book and crayons relatively inexpensively. And so you aren't spending a small fortune, find out if there is any monetary limit or if other parents would like to help you contribute.

Special note: Before you give out any treats or goodie bags in the classroom, make sure you first check in with the teacher to make sure that it is permitted. You will also want to inquire about any allergies, especially if you are handing out food items such as candy or other sweets. Remember too, that small toys and candies can pose a choking hazard for children under three.


Valentine's Day Goodie Bag and Treat Ideas

  • heart-shaped pencils
  • heart-shaped erasers
  • Conversation Heart candies 
  • small containers of Play-doh in Valentine's Day colors
  • costume jewelry in red, white, pink, silver, and purple
  • chalk or sidewalk chalk
  • coloring book and crayons
  • small Valentine's Day craft kits
  • small plush animals
  • plastic cups in red, white, purple, or pink, or decorated with hearts
  • individual candy bars
  • heart-shaped sunglasses
  • heart-shaped notepads
  • heart-shaped keychains
  • heart-shaped crazy straws
  • Valentine's Day rubber ducks
  • heart-shaped bubble bottles
  • yo-yo's
  • temporary tattoos
  • Valentine's Day or heart-shaped stickers
  • watercolor paint sets
  • small picture frames

You can make your treat bags in a variety of containers, including:

  • brown paper lunch bags decorated with stickers
  • shovel and pail
  • plastic zippered bags (they are often sold this time of year with heart decorations)
  • cone-shaped treat bags

Decorated with ribbons, stickers, and the child's name and let the fun begin!

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