4 Tips for Making the Perfect Pregnancy Announcement Video

Pregnancy Announcement Videos You'll Love

I'm pregnant! It works so much better when you say it, rather than when you read it. (Think Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.) So if you're pregnant, consider making a video to announce your pregnancy to share the good news with the world. This can be a great way to share the news in an exciting manner, particularly if those you want to tell live far away.

Here are some tips to making your pregnancy announcement turn into a viral video:

  1. Consider the format.
    Most smart phones can shot small videos. Or you may use hand held video cameras that you already have available. You can host free pregnancy announcement videos at places like YouTube or Vimeo for free. Or perhaps you don't want to put it up someplace where others can see it, if that's the case, you can email the video to the intended recipients. That said, remember, this doesn't mean that your privacy is promised, someone can always send it out after you've sent it to them.
  2. Who will watch it?
    Privacy is important for some families, where others want to see just how far and wide they can send their videos. Beyond how many people will watch it, think about who your primary audience is and make your video for them. Is it for your parents to watch? Then make sure you say what you need for them and not other things - this may confuse the message of your video. An example might be a quick announcement of the pregnancy by using the hint of calling them grandma and grandpa, quickly followed by something else that you see as related but their brain is still stuck at grandma.
  3. What's your theme?
    Will this be a funny video? Serious? Some of this will be what matches your personality and style. Some of what you decide will depend on your talents or how much money you want to spend to develop the parts you don't have the talent to do. (Think songs and dancers - but that's really overboard for many both in terms of energy and budget.) Most people do really simple things, those seem to work really well.
  4. What do you need?
    Gather up everything you'll need for the video. If you're sending a helium balloon to your family, you would want to gather a box with the balloons, and an attached note. Box it up and be sure it gets delivered, perhaps to the person who will film it for you. If you are filming an older child wearing an outfit and making a proclamation, you may want to film the practice rounds as well. This is for two reasons, one: You don't know if they will just decide when they are done and you never get that "perfect" shot, and two: you might want to make outtakes as a joke. Having everything planned out and available will ensure that you are less stressed.

While it may take some time and planning you can make it as simple or as complex as you want to make it. Enjoy these.

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Ice Ice Baby Pregnancy Announcement
This mom and dad are so much fun I want to join their family! They took the tune of Ice Ice Baby and starred in a video with their toddler son to create this pregnancy announcement video that you won't soon forget.


Pregnancy Announcement
This is a pretty cool animation of conception. Though brief, it is neat to watch and abstract, I can only imagine the family on the other end saying to each other, "Is that what I think it is?"


Star Pregnancy Video Announcement
Simple, brief, and fun! This video captures the essence of a pregnancy announcement and prompts the viewer to follow along in the pregnancy at the couple's blog. This also works well to show your friends and family where they can follow your pregnancy if you're so inclined.


Pregnancy Video Announcement
This video is done movie trailer style. It's quite cute and clever, particularly with the diaper changing contest between mom and dad. They also timed the music really well!


Twin Pregnancy Announcement Video
This is an interesting video and I'll spoil part of it: It's twins! But make sure you have your sound up, I love the back ground noises that they used here. It really adds to the feel.


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