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What will labor and delivery be like? If you want to be prepared with information, photos, and videos, here is where to start.

Mom and Newborn
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Are you wondering when your baby's birth will happen? Here's a look at not only what goes into projecting the due date, but also when you can expect your baby to be born in relation to that date.


Mom and baby after water birth
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Wondering what the real signs of labor are or when you should go to the hospital? That can be hard to tell for some women tell what's just end of pregnancy symptoms versus early labor. You may want to take this quiz to guide you through whether you are having true labor or false labor. If you are experiencing symptoms right now, that would be a quick check.

But if you simply want to be ready for the inevitable, go in depth with the symptoms beyond the standard, "You'll know when you're in labor!"


Concentration in Labor
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Here are a few signs to look for when looking at labor and contractions. You may be having Braxton Hicks contractions. But there are signs you are in true labor. Now you need to decide when to go to the hospital, as going to the hospital too early has been linked to an increase in interventions.


Skin to Skin After a Cesarean
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About a third of pregnant women will give birth by cesarean section, also known as c-section. These photos show you the basics of what to expect if you give birth by cesarean from the start to finish. They are graphic, so be prepared to see images of surgery and blood. This is meant to help familiarize you with this method of delivery.


Cleaning Cesarean Incision
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If you have a cesarean birth, there is a recovery period that is not only the usual postpartum recovery but also recovery from the surgery. You will have to recover from the anesthesia immediately after delivery. Then in the first few days after delivery, you'll regain use of your gastrointestinal system, and get up and walk to help prevent deep venous thrombosis. You'll have a c-section scar that requires healing and ongoing care.


Midwife and husband supporting pregnant woman, giving birth in hospital
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This video shows three different births in a hospital setting. You can see women using a variety of positions, and techniques to be comfortable in labor. They are also well supported by loved ones during the process of birth.


This collection of childbirth videos includes various ones that use induction, epidural, episiotomy, and vaginal birth after cesarean. Unlike what you may find on television, these are not heavily edited. They show it like it really is.


This collection of videos includes natural childbirth in a variety of settings, from hospital to home birth, as well as water birth. The attendants include doctors, doulas, and midwives. 


Mother and newborn baby
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These photos show labor and delivery from start to finish. They include illustrations to show what is going on inside as well. You'll learn about the different terms and what they mean.


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