Violin for Children

Some children seem to be born with a love of music. Others come to love it when they are exposed to it. Either way, it's a good idea to introduce your child to the world of music. And the younger they are when you introduce them, the easier it is for them to pick up the basics and learn to play an instrument. Playing an instrument has several benefits, including relieving stress and teaching discipline. While learning the piano is a good choice since it's easy to get started, the violin is an instrument that children can learn when they're quite young. And unlike the piano, a violin is easy to carry around!

Buying a Violin

Young boy learning to play a violin
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Most real instruments are expensive, so you never want to blindly buy one. That is certainly true of violins. It's best to learn what you can about violins before you buy one for your child.

  • Types and Sizes of Violins
    Children as young as three can begin learning to play the violin and violins are available in different sizes that are perfect fits for any age child.  It's important that a young child have a violin that isn't too big or she'll have a hard time learning to play it. In addition to differences in size, there are also differences in types. We are used to the violins we see violinists play in orchestras, but there are also electric violins.
  • Buying A Violin
    It is possible to rent a violin, but if you are looking to buy one, then you should take a look at this guide to help you make the best decision to get the right violin for your child.
  • Violin: Buy or Rent? and What Size?
    A violin is not an inexpensive instrument and because you might need to buy more than one -- if your child starts young with a small violin -- you want to consider whether it's better to rent or buy.

Violin Reviews

Once you decide to buy a violin, you will want to check out reviews of the different brands. There are brands for students and brands for those who have gone beyond that early student stage.

  • Reviews of Violin Brands
    Nearly everyone at some point or another have heard of the Stradivarius violin. We know those are supposed to be the best violins to play. But what about some other brands - the ones more of us can afford?

Violin Methods and Music for Kids

Music teachers usually have books they want their students to use, but that doesn't mean you can't get some good methods books yourself.  It could be that the teacher is using a good methods book, but if you see one that is considered a good one, you could check with the teacher to see if it's one that he or she would allow your child to use.

Violin Teaching Methods and Tips to Help Children Play the Violin

When considering violin lessons for your child, you need to consider which teaching method you want your child to learn with. They are quite different and when you look for a teacher, you need to look for one who uses the method you want. When your child is home and wants to learn more, consider visiting some Web sites with online violin lessons. 

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