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Our smartphones are getting bigger and we still need a convenient way to carry our walking essentials, whether while working out, walking the dog, heading to lunch, etc. If you don't want to carry a purse or backpack, you need an option like the Walkapocket.

The Walkapocket is an updated fanny pack/hip pack. It lays flat against your body. It's made of a comfortable polyester/nylon mesh that is lightweight, wicking, quick-drying and washable.

It has a buckle clasp and adjustable strap. Each design comes in three waist sizes.

Three Walkapocket Designs

  • Angled Walkapocket: This slim design has an angled pocket to slip in your phone, keys and cash. The pocket area is 9 inches by 5 inches and it secures with bartacks and Velcro.

  • Zippered Walkapocket: I tried out this design and found myself grabbing it whenever I headed out for a walk. It has a zippered pocket with a 6-inch zipper and the pocket itself measures 9 inches x 6 inches. It easily fits my iPhone 6, plus wallet and keys with room for tissues, etc.

  • Layered Walkapocket: This design will fit an 8-ounce water bottle (not included) as it is a little taller, measuring width 7" x height 5.25" and securing with bartacks and Velcro.

Why Do You Want a Walkapocket?

Yes, I know that fanny packs were declared a fashion faux pas years ago, but that is changing. Some high-fashion folks have been spotted wearing fanny packs in 2014-15 (Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, Matthew McConaughey).

As our smartphones get bigger and are more essential to our lives, we need a secure way to carry to them. A sleek hip pack is a great solution.

I often don't have the right pockets in the right places to carry my smartphone. Many fitness pants, capris and shorts have no pockets at all or the pockets hug your body so much that the phone is uncomfortable when carried in them and hard to get in and out of the pocket.

I need to have quick access to my phone, but it also needs to be secure. I don't want it banging against my thigh with each step or jabbing into me. Even worse, if it gets sweaty it can crash and cause heartache until it dries out.

Dog walkers will like using the Walkapocket to take along doo-doo bags and doggie treats while also carrying their phone and essentials.

The Zippered Walkapocket holds my phone and wallet so comfortably I forget I'm wearing it at all. It hugs my body and doesn't get in the way of good arm motion for brisk walking.

For travel, the Walkapocket would work well to carry your passport, ID and money in front of your body where it will be more secure. You could probably wear the Angled Walkapocket under your clothing as a moneybelt.

Bottom Line on the Walkapocket

I am happy to be a trendsetter with the Walkapocket. I wear it for my 15 minute walks when I don't have to take along water, or for longer walks when I have access to water fountains along the way. I keep it in the car as an easy item to grab for an impromptu stroll when I don't want to carry a purse.

I often use the FlipBelt or hipS-sister for these same purposes. They go on over your head as a belt rather than clipping on with a buckle.

If you still can't handle the fashion statement of a hip pack, they may be an option. But I'm proud to start the comeback of the hip pack.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.