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Keep Up with Walking Email Groups
Keep Up with Walking Email Groups. Paul Bradbury/CaiaImage/Getty Images

Internet mailgroups can put you in contact with hundreds of other walkers through a single message. The mailgroups dedicated to walking are few in number but powerful in community.

What is an Email Mailgroup?

Automated email mailgroups can be set up with software for domain servers, the two most common being Majordomo and Listserv. They can also be set up under a group email service such as  Yahoogroups or Google Groups.

  • To join an email group: Join either through a web interface for the group, or send a specific email message to a specific address. You may then have to send an additional confirmation message or code to complete the subscription. Subscription may be free or there may be a voluntary or required fee.
  • To receive messages: Once you have subscribed, you will receive all email messages sent by others to the list. This can be a few messages a week to dozens a day, depending on the list.
  • Digest versions: Some mailgroups have a digest version, so that rather than receiving each message as it is sent, you get them all combined into a single message once every few days. This eliminates mailbox clutter but reduces some of the immediacy.
  • To send a message to the list: Simply compose a message to the designated email address and it is broadcast to all of the list subscribers.
  • Control: Depending on how the list is set up, the ability to send messages to the list is open either everyone or only subscribers. Most are restricted to only subscribers to prevent becoming email spam. Some lists are moderated - the moderator approves each message before it goes to the list, while others are not moderated.
  • Most lists have posted rules of conduct regarding "flaming" others, defamation, libel, profanity, off-topic postings, and the dreaded ALL CAPS and over-quoting (rule of thumb - just don't do any of the above!). To stay in everybody's good graces, lurk on the list for a couple of weeks to get its flavor before posting a message yourself.

    Walking Discussion Mailgroups

    Racewalking List

    Topic: Racewalking
    Kinds of postings: Race results, announcements of upcoming races and clinics, technique discussion, politics of racewalking, sports medicine concerns and advice, where to find other racewalkers, coaching.
    Denizens: The Racewalk mailgroup is frequented by world class racewalkers and coaches, newbie racewalkers, masters, juniors, and wannabees. Over 1000 subscribers. Mostly friendly.
    Subscription price: Free
    How to subscribe: Send a blank message to racewalking-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or join from the web interface.
    Digest: Daily digest and daily index available, follow instructions after joining or change your settings from the web interface.
    Archive: Searchable archives available on the web interface. Visitors can come and read but not post.
    Security: Only subscribers may post to the list. The list is not moderated.
    Prohibitions: Subscribers may be unsubscribed if they exhibit ungracious behavior - profanity, personal attacks, etc.

    Traffic: A 10 daily unless there is a hot topic.


    Topic: Walking in general, volkssport walking in particular.
    Kinds of postings: Walking event announcements, reports on walking events, requests for information on where to walk, walking vacation planning, health questions and responses, tips on organizing a walking club or event, shoes and other gear.
    Denizens: Volkswalkers around the world, fitness walkers. Over 2000 subscribers. Very friendly.
    Subscription price: free
    How to subscribe: Send a blank message to walklist-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or go to the web interface and join.
    Digest version: Digest is available, comes out daily. Read the instructions once you join to convert to the digest.
    Archive: Posts available on the Web for several months, searchable, with the web interface, where you can come and read without joining but must join in order to post messages.
    Security: Subscribers must return a confirmation code before being added to the list. Only subscribers may post to the list. The list is not moderated.
    Prohibitions: Subscribers may be unsubscribed if they exhibit ungracious behavior. No discussion of volkssport politics allowed. Commercial postings must be related to walking and be made no more than once a month per vendor and limited to a brief paragraph saying where to go for more information.
    Traffic: Fewer than 10 postings per day.

    These email groups are active, but many groups have moved activity to Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

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