Walking Excuse Busters - What's Keeping You from Walking?

Excuse 1: Too Busy to Walk

Too busy to walk
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Why aren't you walking? What excuse is keeping you from stepping out the door or onto the treadmill? You've found the right place. These excuse busters will exorcise your exercise excuses.

Walking Excuse: You're Too Busy to Walk

This green goblin of an excuse infests most homes.  You have work, school, cooking, cleaning, shopping, kids, laundry: There isn't enough time to do everything. How are you supposed to fit in 30 minutes of walking to meet the minimum requirement for health?

How can you sneak in enough steps so your Fitbit friends aren't leaving you in the dust?

How to Bust the "I'm Too Busy" Walking Excuse

Commit to a walking time: Put your walking time on your calendar. It's easy to add it to your smartphone calendar with the repeating time, you only have to add it once for it to prompt you every day. You can even add an alert to remind you to get moving. Or, you can go old-school and write it on your day planner and set a manual alarm clock. Walking Calendars and Trackers

Invite others: Invite your family or housemates to join you. Social pressure is one of the best ways to stay committed. But beware of them distracting you. Make it clear that this time is for walking and exercise. It's perfect for social multi-tasking - having conversations with your kids, spouse or friends. The time away from screens will be welcome for making real connections.

Work walking into your chores: Instead of stopping on the way home from work to do errands, walk to the market and post office and carry things back in a backpack.

Walk to and from a restaurant in the evening.Walk the kids to school instead of driving them, and you'll have peace and quiet on your walk back to prepare for the rest of the day.

Hang up and walk: If you can take calls and texts without interrupting your walk, that's okay. But if those calls mean cutting your walking time short to deal with a "crisis" that really could wait, don't answer while you are walking.

Beware of the dangers of distracted walking. You may walk right into a pole or hole and then have a real excuse for not walking.

Sneak walking into a busy day: Walk during your breaks and lunch at work, or go for a quick walk at home while a pot is stewing. Although it is best to walk for a half hour or more continuously, sneaking in a couple of 10- to 15-minute walks burns calories and gets you into the habit of exercising. It's one way that health authorities recommend achieving 30 minutes per day of moderate-intensity exercise, by breaking it up into bouts of 10 minute or more.

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