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Cold Weather Walking
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Is your walking excuse that it's too cold to walk outdoors? A nip in the air can nip your desire to walk. You just don't want to endure cold fingers, chilly toes, icy ears and frozen nostrils. It's a bother to put on all of that gear, so it seems like you can hardly move, let alone set a brisk walking pace for exercise. Meanwhile, you're scared of slipping and falling on ice or snow, it is a real safety concern.

Bust the Excuse that It's Too Cold to Walk

Dress in Layers: Dress right for the cold in layers, with a hat and gloves. You need a breathable wicking layer next to the skin to draw away any sweat, such as a long-sleeved polyester or polypropylene shirt. The you need an insulating layer of wool, polar fleece or down. Finally, you need an outer layer that is windproof, such as a jacket. You can add a muffler or wear a balaclava or Buff to protect your neck. How to dress for cold weather walking

Keep Your Toes Warm: Happy feet, happy walker. Unfortunately, athletic shoes are often made of breathable mesh, which can let in too much cold air. As a result, your toes get colder and colder as you walk. But that's not an excuse if you try these tricks to keep your feet warm. The simplest one is to tuck a paper napkin between the top of your foot and the upper of the shoe.

Keep Your Hands Warm: Gloves are good, but mittens are even better for keeping your hands warm while walking.

They seem to be falling out of favor because you can't text with them, but give them a try. Another tactic is to use a chemical handwarmer packet, which gives gentle heat for hours. It can really help keep the fingers from freezing.

Chains for Your Shoes: Slipping and falling are real hazards for winter walking on icy sidewalks.

Start with wearing foot traction devices such as slip-on cleats that work with your regular shoes or with boots.  Reviews: Top Picks for Shoe Chains and Ice Cleats.

Walking Poles for Stability: If it's slippery enough to wear foot traction, it's wise to add a pair of walking poles to your winter walking ensemble. You can use trekking poles, nordic walking poles or grab actual ski poles. All of them usually have snow baskets to place on the pole so they won't sink into the snow. Now you have four-foot drive for your walking.

Treadmill Time! Just because it's bad outdoors doesn't mean you can't walk indoors. That's why they invented treadmills. It may not be ideal if you prefer walking outdoors, but it can get you through the winter. Buy a treadmill or find a way to use a treadmill at a club or fitness center. Tips for finding free/bargain treadmills to use

Walk Indoors: Find an indoors track, or join the mall walkers. Use the corridors of large buildings as your walking path. If all else fails, you circle your house or apartment.

It's amazing how many steps you can put in circling the kitchen table while watching television.

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