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Sore Knee or Muscle Pain
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You've been doing your walking and exercises but your muscles are sore.

Bust it:
If your walking muscles are simply sore, it shows that you getting a good workout and building new muscle. Strenuous moves such as doing hills, changing your walking style, or walking for a long distance can all lead to muscle soreness. Preventing and Treating Shin Splints

Massaging the sore muscle can help - and if you have a loved one do it, it can be fun, too.

Take it slower today, or shorten your distance, but walk a bit to work out the kinks and keep your muscles flexible.

If you are walking fast, be sure to always warm up for 5-10 minutes at an easier pace each time, then do your stretches and flexibility drills. Be sure you aren't overstretching - stretches should be gentle. Always cool down at an easier pace for 5-10 minutes, followed by gentle stretching.

If you have sharp pain or swelling, then you may have an injury. Don't walk through that kind of pain - use the RICE formula to rest, ice, compress and elevate the injury and consult your medical provider.
How to Treat a Walking Injury
Pay Attention to Pain and Soreness

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