Walking Excuse - I'm Too Fat to Walk in Public

Walking Excuse Busters

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You would like to walk, but you just feel too fat to exercise in public. This is self-sabotage.

Bust it:

  • Time for Positive Self-Talk: Look in the mirror and start giving yourself affirmations. "I am healthy and beautiful. My body is strong. I can walk X miles. I am an athlete."
  • You Are a Hero: The overweight walker is a role-model. You can make a difference in the lives of everyone who might see you. What are they thinking? "What's my excuse?"
  • Dress for Success Buy yourself walking clothes that fit the shape you are in now. As you get fit, they will become looser. If you have trouble finding clothes large enough at athletic stores, browse our links of companies that sell plus-size exercise clothing.
    Plus-Size Walking Clothes
  • Join a Walking Event or Walking Club: You will see many people who are not at ideal weight. Many of them have done some amazing things, like walking a marathon, although they are overweight. I personally know several marathon walkers who are 100 pounds overweight.
    Walking Clubs
  • They Will Cheer You!: At walk/run events I have found the runners to be extremely supportive of overweight walkers - I've heard them often clapping for them and calling out, "Looking good!" to those coming in for a slower finish. They know your challenges, many of them have been there as well.
  • Walk Proud: Walk like the athlete you are and 99.9% of passersby will be thinking, "He/she is out there exercising, maybe I should." Don't let what that 0.1% of idiots think ruin one second of your day, let alone keep you from doing what is good for yourself.
  • Check With Your Doctor: Check with your physician if you are just beginning an exercise program or have a medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease. They can advise you about the safety of walking and give you schedules that are appropriate for your condition. They may also know of walking groups available through local medical centers and clinics.
  • Don't Ignore Pain: If you have pain or injury to your knees, ankles or feet, see a physician. These can often be treated and get you walking comfortably.

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