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Walking Excuse Busters

Walking Your Dog in the Rain
Walking Your Dog in the Rain. AJ_Watt/E+/Getty Images

Is your walking excuse that it's raining and you don't walk in the rain? You can't walk outdoors on your break or lunch because you'll get your clothes wet. Either your hair gets wet or the hat or hood you wear musses it up and you'll have to spend time styling it again. Wet shoes are miserable to wear and it's going to take a long time for them to dry out completely. You were going to go on that charity walk, but rain is predicted and you don't want to take a long walk in the rain.

If your excuse for skipping a walking workout is that you don't walk in the rain, there are ways to overcome it.  Walking in the rain can be unpleasant, or you can change your attitude and go singing in the rain.

How to Bust the Excuse and Walk in the Rain

What, are you made of sugar? You may be the sweetest person on earth, but you won't melt in the rain. Suck it up, buttercup and learn these tactics to get out into the rain.

There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Just Inadequate Gear: You can stay dry underneath if you wear the right waterproof gear, at least for shorter walks. If nothing else, those cheap plastic rain ponchos from the dollar store will work, if only for a single use. Look for waterproof and breathable fabrics, not just water-resistant. They will cost a little more but they will be worth it. Gore-tex and other waterproof breathable fabrics for boots, shoes, jackets and rain pants are great for walking and shedding the rain.

If your walk is going to last more than a half hour, wearing waterproof outerwear can make it much more pleasant. More: Waterproof Walking Shoes and Gear

Umbrella: An umbrella is an easy and simple solution for a moderate stroll. You won't be able to use good arm motion (at least with both arms) but any walk is better than no walk.

Look for a windproof design and one with a comfortable grip. More: Umbrellas for Walkers

You are Drip-Dry: Sometimes bare limbs are better than wet fabric - if it's warm enough, just go walking and experience the rain. Get wet, feel the rain on your skin. You can change into dry clothes afterward.

Plan Your Reward: Set out the bath oil and aromatherapy candles and have the cocoa ready to make when you get back. Nothing feels better than a warm terrycloth robe after a great walk in the rain.

Puddles are Fun! Be a kid again - you're going to get wet anyway - splash and play!

Take in the Fresh Sensations: How does the rain feel on your face and as it drains from your arms and hands? People in rainy climates have fewer wrinkles! Listen to the sounds rain creates around you - the drops splashing on your umbrella or hood, plinking in puddles, draining down spouts, gurgling as it runs into puddles and drains. Stick out your tongue and taste the rain (don't worry, it's safe!) Look around you at all of the changes the rain makes, the beauty of drops on the leaves and flowers, the constantly changing geometry of rivulets on windows.

Sunny is boring, rainy is interesting and makes for great photos.

Walk Indoors OK, so you are made of sugar. You're a grown-up, you don't have to walk in the rain if you don't want to. But you do need to exercise! Walk indoors - treadmill, mall, indoors track, walk the halls of large buildings.

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