Walking Excuse - Scared to Walk Alone

Walking Excuse Busters

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Many walkers are afraid to walk alone when they can't find a walking partner.

Bust This Walking Excuse:

• Find the Right Route: Select a walking route that feels safe to you. A mall, treadmill, indoors track, or local school track heavily used by other walkers and runners are safer-feeling environments. Planning Your Walking Route

• Dog: Adopt or borrow a dog to walk with. Walking with a dog of any size greatly decreases your risk of attack.

Bad people are looking for easy targets, and anybody with a dog that can bark or bite is not an easy target. Walking With Your Dog

• Walking Stick or Poles: Walk with a walking stick or walking poles. This also makes you less of a target. Bad people will select easier victims than ones with sticks. Before You Buy a Walking Stick or Poles

• Guilt Them Into Joining You: Use your fear as a tactic to get others to walk with you. "I want to walk for exercise, but I won't walk alone. I would love it if you could walk with me at least one day a week."

• Clubs and Meet-Up Groups: Join a walking club or find a local walking meet-up group and walk with the group. How to Find a Walking Group or Club

• Walking Events: Walk at volkssport and charity walking events where you are in a group. Walking Event Finder

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