Walking Excuse - Walking is Boring

Walking Excuse Busters

You're headed for the same old slog. Your walk seems more like sensory deprivation than fun.

Bust it:

Change your route. Explore some new territory. What is down that road, anyway? Check out other walking trails in your vicinity, even if you have to drive or catch a ride there. Find a park and take a hike. Map it out in advance with our Google Map Pedometer or explore the map functions and apps on your smart phone.

Change your pace. Vary your pace every few minutes with a Walking Workout. Do different workouts on different days. Add some running, skipping, or other variations.

Get a toy. Get a heartrate monitor, a pedometer, walking poles, or walking app.

Listen while you walk. Take along tunes or audiobooks with an MP3 player, iPod, smart phone, etc.

Walk with a friend - human or canine. Trade in your old boring walking partner or add somebody new to the group to spice things up.

Play mind games with yourself. The book MindWalks has many different walking activities and games to keep up your interest whether walking solo or with partners.

Games. Remember those games your family played on long car trips to keep you quiet? They can be fun - count cars, keep a birding list or a flower and tree list.

Question. Select a question to mull over for the walk, such as "Where do I want to be in 5 years?" or "How would I spend a million dollars if I couldn't spend it on myself or my family?" One of the best for our walking group was, "Who should play me in the movie of my life?"

Meditation or prayer. Use your walking time to meditate or pray.

Clubs. Join a walking club so other people can think of trails and ways to entertain you. Volkssport walking events are available worldwide and open to everyone. They include group walks as well as self-guided walks. How to Find Walking Clubs and Partners

Events. Plan on attending a big walking event or charity walk to add some excitement and variety to your walking - and get awards!

Crosstrain. Alternate walking days with biking, swimming, weight training, circuit training or other exercise.

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