How to Start Walking for Weight Loss

Use a smart walking plan to lose weight and get fit

Is walking good for weight loss? Many dieters don't know if walking is enough exercise to lose weight. And the truth is that sometimes it's not. But with a smart weight loss walking plan, you can slim down, tighten your body and improve your health. 

Is Walking Good for Losing Weight?

weight loss by walking
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Do you burn enough calories to lose weight by walking? Use this guide to find out if your walking workout will burn enough calories to make a difference. If you're not burning enough calories, use simple tips to boost your walking routine and burn more fat.

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A Simple Weight Loss Walking Plan

walking workout plan
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Not sure how to put together a complete walking plan for weight loss? No problem! Use this simple weekly workout plan that includes the right amount of walking minutes to lose weight as well as other exercises to make your walking program more effective.

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How to Power Walk to Lose Weight

power walk to lose weight
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Your walking speed makes a big difference in the number of calories you burn when you exercise. Do you know how fast you should walk to lose weight? Researchers reveal the walking speed that made a big difference in the lives of the exercisers they studied.

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Running vs. Walking for Weight Loss: Which is Better?

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Walkers sometimes feel like they should work harder to lose weight. And runners usually look like they are working so hard. So does that mean you should start jogging to slim down? The expert answer will surprise you. 

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The Walking Workout That Burns More Calories

best walking workout for weight loss
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Is it time to add some zest to your walking workout? Do you want to burn more calories when you walk? Use this guide to the most effective walking plan for weight loss. Anyone can do it and it's easy to adjust for all levels of fitness. 

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How to Keep Your Feet Healthy For Walking

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Good foot health is essential if you walk often. If your feet hurt, you're not going to walk to walk, or jog or do any exercise for weight loss. Use these simple tips from an expert podiatrist to keep your feet in top shape for more effective walking workouts. 

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Strength Training Workouts for Walkers

build strong arms
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 Don't neglect your arms and abs when you walk to lose weight! One of the best ways to balance out your walking program is to add a few strength training workouts at home. These three simple workouts will help you to tighten up your arms, legs and abs so your whole body looks better as you lose weight.

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How Cross Training Improves Your Walking Plan

cross training to lose weight
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 You should do more than just walking to lose weight. Your exercise plan should include other types of activities - called cross training - so that your body stays healthy and your fitness level improves. Learn how to cross train and which activities to do to make your walking plan more effective.

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Stretch After Walking to Lose More Weight

stretching to lose weight
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What you do at the end of your walking workout can make or break your whole walking workout plan. Believe it or not, stretching plays a big role in the success of your program. Learn how and why to stretch after you walk. 

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