10 Walking-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes give you a chance to get creative and play-act. Here are some ideas for walkers to create walking-themed Halloween costumes.


Zombie Won't Eat You
Zombie Won't Eat You. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Zombies are hot, hot, hot. You, too can be one of the Walking Dead with a little make-up and fake blood. You can even find a local Zombie Walk to attend. Being a zombie requires some acting and perfecting your shuffling, zombie-like, and moaning about wanting brains, brains...

  • Plus: Cheap, can wear any old clothes as zombies are just dead people of all kinds. Mostly just need makeup.
  • Plus: You can add a theme such as Zombie Cheerleader, Zombie Postman, etc. Be a Vegan Zombie and moan that you want grains, grains...
  • Plus: No sewing skills or construction skills necessary.
  • Plus: People will recognize what you are trying to be.
  • Minus: Kinda gross, probably overdone.

Minister of Silly Walks

Minister of Silly Walks Costume - Stuart Clarke / Getty Images
Minister of Silly Walks Costume - Stuart Clarke / Getty Images. Stuart Clarke / Getty Images

You will need a black double-breasted British-style suit, bowler hat, and briefcase. Then walk with a very silly high-stepping gait. Watch Monty Python videos to get it right. Adopt a posh British accent.

  • Plus: Requires no make-up.
  • Plus: Most people over 40 will recognize the skit.
  • Minus: May be an outdated reference for people under age 40.
  • Minus: Can be gender-neutral, but the original was male.
  • Minus: Cost for the suit, bowler hat and briefcase. Look for them secondhand.
  • Minus: The original minister, John Cleese, stopped doing the skit in concert because it was strenuous and risked pulled mucles.

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Fitbit Zip - 10000 Steps
Fitbit Zip. Wendy Bumgardner

You can construct a human pedometer costume from cardboard. Paint the front with an odometer reading of steps and a few buttons.  You can use your favorite pedometer as a model. You can wear it only in front or your can use a box with holes for arms, head and body to make it a 360-degree costume.

  • Plus: A very positive walking-themed costume, suitable for wearing around all ages.
  • Plus: Not difficult to construct.
  • Minus: May be bulky and uncomfortable to wear for several hours.

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Australian Aborigine on Walkabout

Australian Aborigine
Australian Aborigine. Matt Turner / Getty Images

Going walkabout was the young male rite of passage of native Australians. They would wander in the outback for weeks to months. But it would work as a costume for either gender, dressed as native Australians with a stout walking stick.

  • Plus: Celebrates a great walking tradition.
  • Minus: You risk being culturally insensitive, especially after you've had a few drinks.

Nancy Sinatra "These Boots Were Made for Walking"

Nancy Sinatra Express / Getty Images
Nancy Sinatra Express / Getty Images. Express / Getty Images

This 60's flavored costume can be a lot of fun. You'll need a 60's bouffant flip hairdo, a simple miniskirt dress and matching knee-high go-go boots. Crank up the karaoke and take it walking.

  • Plus: Easy to put together.
  • Plus: The 60's are hot now.
  • Minus: Cost for the dress and boots if you don't already have them in the closet.
  • Minus: Gender-specific.
  • Minus: Might need a wig if your own hair can't achieve the 60's flip.
    Video: These Boots Were Made for Walking

Penitent Pilgrimage Walker

Pilgrim Statue in Santiago de Compostela
Pilgrim Statue in Santiago de Compostela. Wendy Bumgardner ©

This costume may take some explanation among those not steeped in medieval history, or who haven't seen the movie "The Way". In days of yore, people walked hundreds of miles to shrines. The journey and the destination led to spiritual cleansing and penance for sins. For this costume, you will want basic medieval peasant-wear. Grungy tights, a tunic, a cape, and above all else, a walking stick. Men should wear a beard and long hair. Ask everyone, "Do you know the way to Santiago de Compostela?"

  • Plus: If you are already into Ren Fairs, you probably have most of the costume.
  • Minus: If you don't hang with history-buffs, you're going to be explaining yourself all night. Suggest they catch the movie, "The Way".
  • Plus: The Camino has new popularity, and you probably have the makings of a modern pilgrim costume: convertible pants, hiking shirt, trekking poles, pack. Just add a scallop shell and a long rain poncho and you're good to go. More: My Walk of the Camino de Santiago

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Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed. Fotosearch / Getty Images

Johnny Appleseed trod the American frontier barefoot and in rags, planting apple nurseries to sell saplings to incoming settlers. He was quite an entrepreneur, as well as a preacher. Read more about him in Michael Pollan's "The Botany of Desire." A burlap sling bag labeled Apple Seeds is essential. Either dress in torn frontier shirt and pants or go for the full hermit look with a burlap shift.

  • Plus: If you love Michael Pollan's books, this is your chance to expound on the genesis of apple orchards throughout North America.
  • Minus: Hard to carry off unless you already are a skinny guy with matted long hair and beard.
  • Minus: May be mistaken for any old hermit.

Happy Wanderer

Mountaineer. Lambert / Getty Images

I love to go a-wandering, along the mountain track. And as I go, I love to sing, with my knapsack on my back. Dress as a traditional alpine hiker with canvas pants or even lederhosen, suspenders, leather boots, canvas knapsack and wooden walking stick. If you need further inspiration, just look at any Hummel figurine.

  • Plus: Volksmarchers often have this look down pat already.
  • Minus: Overdo it an you look like a member of the Hitler Youth.


Spacewalker Astronaut Nicole Stott
Spacewalker Astronaut Nicole Stott. NASA / Getty Images

We haven't been walking on any other planets for the past 40 years, but we have been taking spacewalks around the International Space Station.

  • Plus: Can probably buy or rent an astronaut suit costume.
  • Plus: Gender neutral
  • Plus: Suitable around people of all ages.
  • Minus: Can you really call it walking if you don't use your feet?

Moonwalking Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson. Dave Hogan / Getty Images

With "Thriller," MJ popularized zombies, and his moonwalk was iconic. Put it all together and go as a zombie Michael Jackson who moonwalks.

  • Plus: He'll always be the King of Pop.
  • Plus: You can choose from a wide variety of MJ costumes to imitate.
  • Minus: Not as shocking of a costume the further away we get from his passing.
  • Minus: You will need to brush up on your moonwalking moves.

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