Want To Win $10,000? Name Your Baby "Quinoa"

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There are a lot of things I would do for $10,000.

Play my luck at the slots machine, for instance, or perhaps write the next great American novel. 

What I wouldn't do, however, is what one company is asking parents to do--name their baby "Quinoa" for a chance to compete against other proud parents for a chance at a $10,000 prize. 


You read that right. 

The company is called BJ's (does this get any weirder?

answer: yes) and apparently, they are so in love with the superfood, super grain that goes by the name of quinoa that they hope to bring some little quinoas into the world in its honor. 

BJs claims to be a "family-friendly" establishment and they are hoping to take that family-friendliness to the next level. "BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse is proud to be a place to go for all kinds of people--and this includes kids and families! Our high-energy restaurants are designed to be family friendly places that kids and adults alike will enjoy," their website states. 

​Part of that family-friendly initiative is encouraging families to get in on the family fun at BJs by thinking of the restaurant when it comes time to one of the most special and exciting moments in their lives--naming their own baby. The contest, called "Name Your Baby Quinoa," was inspired by the restaurant's new quinoa menu offerings.

  “We are so excited to introduce these amazing new Quinoa Bowls that we wanted to do something big, maybe even a little crazy,” said Kevin Mayer, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in the company's press release

According to the official BJ website, there are a few ground rules for winning the grand prize:

  • Parents must be at least 18 years old.
  • Adoptive parents can enter too.
  • The contest opened on June 22 and ends ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT on September 7, so any baby born or adopted during that time period can be named as part of the competition
  • First names only!
  • "Quinoa" must be spelled correctly--no alternative spellings need apply. 
  • It's not open to all states, read the complete rules to see which states are eligible.
  • It's not a lottery; the very first baby to be named "Quinoa" is the winner.

Also, there's one very big major stipulation to this contest that all parents considering this little prize should know. That $10,000 big, grand prize? Is actually a $10,000 gift card to the restaurant

Morale of the story here, folks?

Always read the fine print. 

Oh, and just in case you have already named your baby but desperately want in on the BJ Quinoa action, the restaurant is also offering a $10 off $35 coupon to any adult who legally changes his or her name during the contest. Fair is fair, guys. 

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