Top 7 Health Myths You Will Find on The Internet


Information about health and fitness is exploding. It seems that everywhere you look- on television, on the Internet, in bookstores, magazines, at work and in the community, there is news and advice about how to take care of your health. Between lifestyle recommendations, nutrition tips, warnings about symptoms and environmental risks, and miracle breakthroughs, the updates are overwhelming. What is a regular person to do when inundated with health recommendations?

One week, reports say that eating too much fat can cause a stroke, while the next week research studies claim that fats are healthy and then the following week, it turns out that some fats are crucial for stroke prevention, while other fats are dangerous. How can anyone know whom to trust?

Scientific studies provide new data suggesting health recommendations that may be great- but are difficult to keep up with. News articles routinely use sensational titles to get attention even when the content is tenuous and not all that earth shattering. Preliminary published research articles may demonstrate some minor scientific findings, only to be reported as extraordinary in infomercials, television shows, and product hype. This can lead to some amazing claims- often endorsed by celebrities or trustworthy authorities. But there are ways for you to distinguish between correct information and outlandish exaggerations.

Top 7 Health Claims to Watch Out For

1. The secret miracle cure that your doctor doesn’t want you to know about!

If it is really a miracle cure, regular people who do not have any money to gain will confirm that it works. Research studies from several sources should reproduce data that it is effective.

The truth is- there is no secret, undisclosed cure to diseases such as stroke that experts are hiding, just so that people will continue to get sick. If there were- certainly one of the experts would leak the secret!

2. The one simple habit/product that will change your life forever!

The human body is very complex. While we understand a great deal about how the body works, no scientist or doctor has been able to unravel all of the mysteries of the human body. What we do know is that there are billions of biological molecules that work together to produce numerous physiological responses. One simple chemical or habit cannot simultaneously improve your weight, your appearance, your intellect, your happiness, and your longevity- because these factors are controlled by different biochemical processes.

3. Something you are giving your children will kill them!

Some children certainly suffer from life-threatening allergies to products that are harmless to most people. But as far as everyday products, moderation, and common sense are the keys to taking care of children. If a type of snack or a medication has you concerned, try to find out from different trustworthy sources whether it is helpful or harmful.

The US National Library of Medicine is a great and easy to use resource.

4. Reverse aging!

There is no magic potion that can actually cause humans or animals to become younger. However, healthy habits can go a long way to keeping you more youthful, both inside and out. Human cells regularly renew, and they have a better chance of renewing in a healthy way when we avoid toxins and stress. But aging follows a pretty standard path, as thus far, no one has been able to stop the clock of the life cycle.

5. The superfood that is right under your nose!

There is no single food that contains each and every vitamin and mineral that your body needs.

A wide variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are required for a healthy body- and an overdose can actually be harmful.

6. Live like people from this amazing country!

Sometimes people who live in developed nations romanticize the simple life of people who live in developing nations. However, the reality is that in places where people do not have access to modern health care, child mortality, maternal mortality and objective measures of disability display a great deal of suffering.

7. If you believe in yourself, anything can happen!

A good attitude can go a long way. But when many research studies prove that medication or exercise makes significant changes to serious life threatening problems- insistence on mind over matter can be dangerous.

If you want to take care of your health, you may need to take health news with a grain of salt.

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