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Prince Lionheart washPOD
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The Bottom Line

This is a new concept for newborn bathing. This tub is unique and allows the baby to remain upright for bathing, like in the womb, rather than splayed out in a traditional baby bath tub. If you're used to other baby bath tubs, this may take time to get used to for you.


  • Has handles that are comfortable to grip.
  • See through plastic to see what you're doing.
  • Sturdy at the base.


  • Doesn't fit in a sink.
  • Hazard for older children from drowning.


  • Padded handles to carry comfortably to the location of your choice.
  • Stickers to help make the appropriate water level, which should be a few inches under the baby's arm pits when immersed.
  • Clear plastic to see baby during bath.
  • Padded bottom for baby's comfort.

Guide Review - washPOD Baby Bath Tub by Prince Lionheart - Review

When I first saw the washPOD Baby Bath Tub by Prince Lionheart I was thrilled. It looks like a really great way to wash a baby. I felt I was able to be closer to my baby while washing and that my baby felt more secure when bathing because of being able to be continually submerged and comfortable in a womb-like setting.

The see through plastic meant I could see in the washPOD at all times. That was a nice feature that many of the other tubs of this nature don't offer. It also has handles that are nicely designed with pads for carrying the washPOD with water.

I liked the thought that went into designing a bottom that was friendly to baby behind as well. It also allowed me to not worry about the baby being slippery or sliding while I was bathing the baby.

The downside for me was that it didn't fit in my sink. If I placed it in my bathtub, then I lost that closeness and was once again leaning over the tub, which hurts my back and knees.

So we resorted to sitting it on the bath mat in the bathroom, though it could go anywhere. My husband prefered to do it on the kitchen counter. He is taller than I am, but the bath tub things was still too deep for him. This did make it work and more comfortably than leaning over the tub. Though I did need to bring a pitcher of water to do the baby's hair and to get clean water for the face. It was also not as messy, water wise, as I had imagined it would be. So that was a good thing.

Since you really don't use much water it is not heavy to carry, even when filled. (Remember, the baby fills some of the space in the tub, so if you're filling it to take someplace to wash the baby - don't fill it to the top.) But it would still be difficult for anyone who has trouble carrying objects. And while your baby is too little now, you may have other toddlers or kids running around and this is definitely a drowning hazard for older children, so care should be taken to always empty and store the washPOD after use.

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