7 Water Balloon Games Teens Love to Play

Entertain teens with these water balloon games.
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If you’re looking for fun things to do with your teen this summer, add water balloon fights to your summer bucket list. Water balloons can be a great way to add some fun to any gathering.

Playing safe and wholesome games also helps teens see that they can have fun without drugs, alcohol, or unsavory activities. Instead, a few inexpensive items can provide hours of entertainment. And your teen will build lifelong memories.


Slingshots, launchers, water rockets, and giant water balloons are just a few of the ‘toys’ that can make water balloons even more appealing to teens. And don’t forget to get the self-sealing water balloons. You’ll save a lot of time and hassle when you don’t have to tie each water balloon.

Whether you’re looking to entertain a group of kids at your teen's birthday party, or you’re searching for a family activity everyone can play, these water balloon games will be a hit.

1. Back-to-Back Relay Race

Have each teen stand back-to-back with a partner. Place a water balloon between players and have them walk to a designated spot to drop their balloon. A bucket or a hula hoop work well. Pairs who drop their balloon on the ground must start over at the beginning. You can do this activity as part of a relay race or have pairs race one another.

2. Beach Towel Water Balloon Toss

Divide up into teams of two and give each team one beach towel.

Each person holds one end of the beach towel and pulls it tight. Place a water balloon in the center of the beach towel and toss it to the other team. The other team tries to catch the balloon on their beach towel. Keep passing the balloon back and forth just for fun or keep score to see which team can catch the most balloons successfully.

3. Water Balloon Volleyball

Set up a volleyball net and play volleyball with a water balloon. For even more fun, play with more than one water balloon at a time. It usually only takes a few minutes for the balloon to break!

4. Water Balloon Relay Races

There are many water balloon relay race games. One option is to divide your group into two teams. One person runs to their team’s bucket carrying a water balloon at a time.

Then, each person must find a way to pop the water balloon over the bucket. Squeezing, poking, or twisting the water balloon will usually do the trick. Once the balloon pops, the person runs back and the next person in line takes a turn. The first team to fill their bucket with water wins.

5. Balloon Toss

Cut about five large holes in a tarp. Make the holes different shapes—squares, diamonds or large circles work well. Write on the tarp with a marker to establish how many points each hole is worth. For example, the biggest hole may be worth 5 points and the smallest could be worth 25 points.

Hang the tarp on a line. Keep the tarp tight by staking the bottom to the ground. Then, take turns tossing water balloons at the tarp. Each time you get the balloon through a hole, you earn the designated amount of points.

6. Water Balloon Toss

Everyone pairs up and stands across from their partner. Toss the water balloon back and forth. Take one step back in between each toss.

Keep playing until everyone’s balloon breaks. If you want to make it extra fun, have participants lather their hands with dish soap before you start! It will lead to lots of laughter as the slippery water balloons will be almost impossible to hold onto.

7. Water Balloon Catch

Launch a water balloon with a slingshot or a launcher. Have someone else stand back with a laundry basket and try to catch the water balloons in the basket. See who can catch the most balloons.


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