Water Bottles for Pregnant Women

Staying hydrated is very important for everyone, but in pregnancy there is a whole other layer of health, that of your baby. Dehydration is no fun and even slight dehydration can cause you to have more contractions. In fact, rehydration is one of the first line treatments for preterm labor. So what are you doing to stay more hydrated? Can I suggest that you take water with you? There are plenty of stylish and convenient ways to carry water with you every day.


This spill-proof bottle comes in 0.4, 0.6, and 1-liter sizes, but all have the standard CamelBak bite-valve. This water bottle has a double wall which keeps your liquids cooler longer but also reduces that annoying condensation. (Which is a problem if you have a paper on your desk near your water bottle.) This is a wide mouth bottle making it easy to put ice in and to clean. The top has a loop for carrying. BPA Free.


This is a 100% recycled stainless steel 0.8 liter bottle. This bottle has no BPA and no inner lining. The wide mouth design allows you to add ice cubes and makes it very easy to clean. There is a lifetime guarantee for this water bottle. The screw top has a carrying ring making it easy to slip your fingers in or to attach to your backpack or purse with a carabiner.


Sigg is a long time manufacturer of water bottles. These bottles come in a variety of sizes from small to large. The exterior is aluminum and the interior lining is BPA and phthalate free.This bottle is able to hold hot and cold beverages. Sigg is also known for its cap system which allows you to choose the type of cap you want or you can change back and forth. So you can have a screw top or sports cap, etc.


One of the complaints that some people have about carrying a water bottle is the bulk or weight. This water bottle solves that issue by being 80% lighter than most water bottles and it's foldable. This bottle holds up to a liter of water, is BPA free and anti-microbial. There is a hanging loop at the top for ease of carrying. And it features a sports top to allow you to easily drink it on the go.


Klean Kanteen also comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. This is a stainless steel water bottle designed to protect you from the elements in some plastics. You can even get an insulated version to keep your drinks cooler longer. The tops are also varied, some have loops and some don't. But all the versions are easy to clean.


You may have a Brita Filtered Pitcher in your fridge, but now you can take that great tasting water with you anywhere. Using the same filtration technology to remove the chlorine taste and reduce the number of particulates in your water as the filter from the pitcher, this filter lasts for about 150 standard water bottles (16.9 oz.). Though you do need to replace the filter in the bottle, the same as you would your pitcher. These can be purchased online or in stores.


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