Watery Eyes and Aging - Tearing in Older Adults

Tears are essential for your eyes to work correctly. Tears wash away dust and particles that get in the eye and they keep the eye moist.

Causes of Watery Eyes

While infection, irritation, allergies and other causes for watery eyes exist, one of the most common causes of watery eyes and tearing is, oddly, dry eyes. The body senses that the eyes are dry, so it makes more tears. You may go through periods of raw, dry eyes, followed by teary eyes.

This is a common complaint of older people.

What to Do?

There are a few things you can do to keep your eyes from tearing too much:

  • Protect Your Eyes: Wear sunglasses to keep out particles and protect from glare.
  • Use Eye Drops: If you notice your eyes are dry, use a few eye drops -- the brands that are known as artificial tears or lubricating eye drops. Try to beat the body’s response to dry eyes.
  • See Your Eye Doctor: Your eye doctor can check for clogged tear ducts and other explanations for watery eyes. She can also give you drops and other simple suggestions for improving your eye health.

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