5 Ways Middle School Can Be a Drag

Middle school can be tough on your tween, and in so many ways

Be patient when dealing with back to school challenges.
Tweens deal with a variety of challenges at school and it's important to conquer them as part of your back to school strategy. Stockxpert

If your tween is excited about going to middle school there's a good chance that enthusiasm will last her entire middle school experience. But for some students, middle school isn't all they'd hoped it would be. For some students, middle school is a letdown, and for a variety of possible reasons. If your child is wishing middle school was over and done with, the reasons below could be why. 

If Your Tween Hates Middle School These Reasons Could Be to Blame

Too Much Buildup: Sometimes the build up before middle school is a bit too much. If you or your family is making a huge deal out of middle school, you could be overselling the experience. While it's important for your tween to be prepared for the middle school years, there's no reason to obsess over it. Prepare your tween but try to avoid making it a huge deal. Answer any questions your tween might have, and then step aside and your child dictate if she really needs more. 

Too Much Work: It's true that middle school teachers expect more from their students than do elementary school teachers. That means your child will likely experience an increase in schoolwork, homework, reading and possibly even projects. Helping your child organize his time and learn time management will do your tween a great deal of good, both in middle school and beyond. 

Changing Friendships/Social Anxiety: Friendships can change during middle school, and as kids figure out the social pecking order they may anticipate or fear rejection.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to psych yourself up to ask a girl to the dance, only to have her say, "NO." Middle schoolers live with such fear just about every day. They also worry about how they might be perceived by their peers if they wear something that's considered "not cool" or if they like something that everybody else thinks is stupid, childish or nerdy?

Too Many Rules: Let's face it, middle school can be the land of never-ending rules. For growing children, a long list of rules to follow is a sure way to get them to lose interest or, at least, voice constant complaints. Middle school students often can't use the bathroom without permission, and they usually have to eat on command, perform constantly for standardized tests, speak only when allowed, and visit their lockers only at certain times of the day. It's no wonder so many middle school students come home grumpy and exhausted. While your tween may not understand the need for all the rules, it is important that he follow them. Let your child know that rules usually exist for a reason, but if there are any rules that he finds objectionable that he should share them with you. 

Changing Family Circumstances: Family circumstances can change at any time, but many families experience the change when the children are older, especially if a stay-at-home parent decides to return to work now that their child is older. If your family routine has been disrupted be sure you help your child deal with any conflicts the disruption might be causing. Sticking to family traditions and a routine can help your older child feel grounded and safe.


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