5 Ways to Celebrate Your Running Progress

Experienced runners know that it's important to celebrate milestones. If you haven't recently taken a step back and thought about how far you've come with running, now's a great time to think about your progress. Here are some ways to pat yourself on the back:

Buy yourself some new running gear.

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Treat yourself to some new running gear, such as a new shirt or running socks, as a reward for your hard work. The treat will make you feel energized, and reinforce your commitment to your training. After all, who doesn’t look forward to wearing that new, cool-looking running gear on a long run?  If you don’t need any new gear, a massage or pedicure is always a nice reward.

Start calling yourself a runner.

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I frequently hear people say they're not "real" runners, even though they been running regularly for a while. You don't need to sub-7:00 miles or run marathons to be a real runner. If you run regularly -- no matter what pace or distance -- you can proudly call yourself a runner. Start embracing the title!

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Tell someone you know will be proud of you.

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Sharing your achievement with someone will make it more real. Whether it’s your running buddy, your spouse, or your mom, tell someone you can safely brag to about your most recent running accomplishments.

Give yourself a running memento.

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Treating yourself to a special keepsake just for runners such as a running medal holder, necklace, or race bib album is a great way to acknowledge your achievements.  

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Mentor a new runner.

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One way to show yourself how far you’ve come is to share your running knowledge and experience with others. If you have a family member or friend who's expressed an interest in running, ask her if she'd like to join you for a run (at her pace), needs help shopping for running shoes and gear, or maybe even wants to train for a race together. Not only will helping a new runner allow you to see and celebrate your progress, but you’ll also get a motivation boost.

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