50 Ways to Fill an Easter Egg

It doesn't have to be sweet to be a treat

Girl holding Easter egg basket
Geri Lavrov/Moment/Getty Images

You want to give your child a bright and fun Easter basket, but you're afraid of what sugar will do to your little hyperactive one; or you're avoiding colors and preservatives; or your child has diabetes; or you can't take a chance with food allergies; or you just want an excuse to shop in some sensory integration catalogs. Forget the sweets, buy a bunch of colorful plastic eggs, and fill them with a variety of these non-edible treats for a basket of fun your child will still be enjoying long after most kids have gobbled all that bad candy down.

1. Money
2. Marbles
3. Stickers
4. Small toy cars
5. Dice
6. Top
7. Decorative shoelaces
8. Hairclips
9. Beaded safety pin
10. Beads
11. Finger puppets
12. Squeeze ball
13. Fun coupons
14. Seashells
15. Polished rocks
16. Doll clothes
17. Crayons
18. Lip gloss
19. Erasers
20. Whistle
21. Nail polish
22. Keychain
23. Jewelry
24. Pencil grips
25. Temporary tattoos
26. Video game memory card
27. Small action figure
28. Small note pad
29. Plastic links
30. Coin purse
31. Pedometer
32. Small plastic animals
33. Bookmark
34. Rubber stamps
35. Makeup
36. Playdough
37. Silly Putty
38. Socks
39. Bandanna
40. Earphones
41. Charms
42. Lanyard
43. Small stuffed animal
44. Mini bottle of bubbles
45. Body glitter
46. Superball
47. Fortune teller
48. Fidget toy
49. Wristband
50. Confetti

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