6 Ways to Get The Flu

Or Do the Opposite to Stay Healthy

Haven't had a sick day in a while? Here are six ways you can almost guarantee yourself some "sick in bed" time. Of course, if you would rather not get the flu, you could look at this list as things NOT to do.

Don't Get a Flu Shot

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Flu shots are the best way to protect yourself from the flu, so if you want to get the flu, don't get a flu shot. The vaccine works by stimulating your body to create antibodies that will fight the influenza virus. If you are actually exposed to the influenza virus, your body will recognize it and be able to fight it off without making you sick. Occasionally, you might still get sick even if you have had the vaccine because your body isn't able to create enough antibodies to fight off the infection completely.

Of course, if you want to get the flu, don't get the vaccine at all. Then your body won't have any advanced notice and will not be equipped to prevent you from getting sick.

Or...To Stay Healthy:

Don't Wash Your Hands

Don't bother washing your hands - especially before you eat. Germs are everywhere and our hands touch so many things in our environments that there are bound to be some viruses there at some point. If you don't wash your hands, you have a much higher likelihood of getting some of those germs into your body and getting sick.

While you're at it, skip the hand sanitizer as well. Since hand sanitizer kills the germs on your hands, using it will cut down on your chances of getting sick.

Or...To Stay Healthy:

Encourage Your Sick Friends to Visit

Spending lots of time with people who are sick will increase your chances of getting sick yourself. Close contact like shaking hands and hugging or kissing will allow the germs to spread even more easily. So invite those friends and family members over when they are sick or go visit them. If you want to catch whatever they have, visit frequently and don't worry about washing your hands or turning away when they cough and sneeze.

Or...To Stay Healthy:

Schedule a Few Meetings with Sick Coworkers

We all know far too many people come to work when they are sick and having them in the office only increases the chances that everyone else will get sick, too. If you know a coworker is sick and has come to work anyway, scheduling a few extra meetings with them or just stopping by their desk a few times will help you pick up some of those germs.

Or...To Stay Healthy:

Eat Lots of Junk Food

Although an unhealthy diet won't guarantee that you will get the flu, it definitely makes your body more susceptible to getting sick. A diet that consists primarily of healthy foods that contain a lot of antioxidants has been shown to keep people healthier. Eating an unhealthy diet makes your body more susceptible to catching germs and getting sick and you will probably have a harder time fighting off those infections when you get them. So if you want to get the flu, load up on the junk food.

Or...To Stay Healthy:

Be a Couch Potato

Similar to eating an unhealthy diet, avoiding exercise at all costs will also weaken your immune system, making it more likely that you will get sick from the flu and any number of other illnesses. Watching lots of TV and not exercising won't give you the flu of course, but an unhealthy body is less able to fight off infections, so if you are exposed to the influenza virus, you will be more likely to come down with the flu.

Or...To Stay Healthy:

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