5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Busy During Summer Vacation

Teens camping together
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For some teens, boredom during summer vacation is only a minor issue. But for other teens, not having anything to do all summer can be a major problem.

A teen who grows bored during summer vacation may be at risk of developing behavior problems or may engage in unhealthy behavior like sleeping too much or spending too much time on the internet. Summer vacation can also exacerbate mental health problems such as depression and anxiety in some cases.

Keep your teen physically and mentally active during the summer months. Time off from school can be a great way for teens to develop new skills, learn about themselves, and explore new opportunities. Here are some strategies to keep your teen busy during summer vacation:

1. Go on a Family Vacation

Family vacations don’t have to include extravagant trips around the world. Instead, a simple camping trip or day hike can be the best ways to keep your teen occupied.

Allow your teen opportunities to research, plan, and prepare for a trip too. Giving your teen extra responsibility can be a good learning opportunity and it can get your teen more excited about going on a family trip.

2. Attend Summer Camp

Teens aren’t too old for summer camp. There are lots of camps specifically suited for teens that can help them learn skills they’ll need in college and in the working world. Teens can also attend counselor-in-training programs to help them obtain a job as a camp counselor the future.

Whether your teen is looking to travel, or you’ve got a teen who would rather spend vacation behind the computer, there are lots of interesting summer camp opportunities available. Many summer camps offer scholarships and some of them even pay teens to do work.

3. Work at a Summer Job

A summer job is certainly a good way to keep your teen busy this summer.

Part-time work teaches valuable life skills that will help prepare your teen for the future.Most teens need help finding a summer job. It can also be helpful to assist your teen in completing a job application and preparing for a job interview.

If your teen is fortunate enough to land a job, teach him budgeting skills. Set limits on your teen's spending and help him establish wise financial habits. 

4. Create a Business

For some teens, a traditional job just isn’t an option. Problems with transportation or a lack of available job opportunities can be serious barriers to finding work. But, almost any teen can start his own business.

If you’ve got an aspiring entrepreneur on your hands, help your teen get a business off the ground this summer. Starting a business can provide teens with some extra income while also helping them learn a lot of hands-on skills.There are many free and low cost businesses teens can start during summer vacation.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering can be a great way to help your teen stay active and it can also help boost self-confidence. Some studies show that altruism helps teens ward off depression.

Help your teen find volunteer opportunities that align with his interests and skills.

Look for local organizations or charities who are interested in working with teen volunteers. Hospitals, animal shelters, and nursing facilities can be good places to start.

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