Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

Don't put those colorful cylinders into storage for next year!

ways to reuse plastic Easter eggs
Don't put your plastic Easter eggs into storage once Easter has passed! There are plenty of fun ways you can reuse them all year round. myfault1

A fun part of any Easter celebration is finding all of those plastic eggs filled with candy and other treats that the Easter Bunny hides each year. But once that fun is done, what should you do with those charmingly colorful eggs? Throw them out? Unless they are broken or cracked, that doesn't seem too earth-friendly. Save them for next year's Easter festivities, sure, but wouldn't it be great if you could put the eggs to good use year-round?

You can!

Here's a round-up of xx both creative and useful ways to upcycle these bright reminders of spring, from making crafts to putting them to use in the garden. Here's hoping the bunny brings your family lots of them!

  1. For a preschooler who is learning letters, these colorful eggs are great teaching tools. Write the capital letter on one half of the egg, and the lowercase letter on the other half of the egg. Play a matching game with your little one where she has to put the two together. Using the same color egg for the top half and the bottom half will really help her to learn!
  2. In that same vein, do a similar activity for a preschooler who is learning their numbers. Write a number on one half of the egg, and then draw dots or stars or put tiny stickers of that amount on the other half. Alternatively, you could also fill eggs with the correct number of something small -- buttons, googly eyes -- so kids can practice counting out the number that is written on the outside.
  1. Make miniature flower pots.
  2. Fill with coins, buttons, rocks, or sand and make musical shaker instruments.
  3.  Throw plastic Easter eggs into the bathtub for easy bath toys.
  4.  Make your own egg-shaped gelatin molds.
  5.  If you've decided to make your own Play Dough, plastic Easter eggs make great holders (for the commercially-bought kind too!).
  1.  Use as molds for homemade soap.
  2.  Organize your office supplies. Place paper clips, push pins, rubber bands, and other must-haves inside different color eggs.
  3.  Stick some in your beach bag. Plastic Easter eggs make inexpensive and disposable sand toys.
  4.  Create mini Easter baskets for next year!
  5.  For kids who buy lunch or snack each day at school, plastic Easter eggs can make a cute and colorful change purse. Be sure to write your child's name of the egg in permanent marker!
  6.  Give some to your preschooler to use in his play kitchen.
  7.  Make bird feeders for our feathered friends by threading a piece of string through the hole in the top of the plastic egg. (Tie a knot in the string so it doesn't come loose.) Cover the egg in peanut butter and then dip in birdseed. Hang from a branch on a nearby tree.
  8. For children who are memorizing vocabulary words or other types of concepts that require remembering facts, plastic Easter eggs serve as a fun alternative to flash cards.
  9.  Make this fun duck craft, or modify it into a turkey craft for Thanksgiving!
  10.  Use as holders for small snacks (goldfish, dry cereal, etc) on the go. If you have more than one child, assign each little one a color.
  11.  Add some to your child's collection of toys for their water table or sandbox.
  1. Use as the base for an adorable bug craft, perfect to place in a greenhouse or indoor planter.
  2. For little ones who are working on learning the names of colors, plastic Easter eggs make a great teacher. Write the name of the color of the egg on each half. Then separate the eggs and have your preschooler match them up.

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