5 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth for Under 150 Calories

Low-Calorie Chocolate

Fudgy Flourless Chocolate Cake: Low-calorie chocolate finds
Mini Snickers Pies. Courtesy of Hungry-Girl.com

Chocolate is tough to resist. Good thing you don’t have to! There are so many smart options out there you just need to pick the right ones and watch your portions. If it’s classic candy taste you crave, have 4 Special Dark Hershey’s Kisses for around 100 calories or a 60-calorie Tootsie Pop. 

Another great way to satisfy a chocolate craving is with a serving of cocoa-flavored cereal. Have 2/3 cup of Multi Grain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch or Barbara’s Peanut Butter & Chocolate Puffins for around 100 calories.


5 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth for Under 150 Calories: Fruit, fruit, fruit
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Fruit is nature’s candy. Next time you feel the need for sweets, steer clear of the pastry case and reach for fresh fruit. For 120 calories or less, you can have a juicy Fuji apple or an entire cup of raspberries, chopped mango, or chopped pineapple. I also love frozen red and green grapes. If fruit is nature’s candy, frozen grapes are nature’s popsicles! Have a cup of them for just about 100 calories. And if you’re craving some crunch, you can have an entire cup of freeze-dried fruit for less than 100 calories.

Sweet Sips

5 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth for Under 150 Calories: Sweet sips
Clean & Green Shamrock Shake. Courtesy of Hungry-Girl.com

Drinks can be tricky. It’s not always obvious whether or not a sweet beverage is packed with sugar and calories. So the first order of business is to read labels. When you’re at a coffeehouse or smoothie shop, ask for nutritional info before you order.  

Low-Fat Frozen Treats

5 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth for Under 150 Calories: Low-fat frozen treats
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Several brands make low-calorie, low-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, and fruit bars. You can have an Enlightened The-Good-For-You fudge bar for 70 calories and 2g fat (with 8g protein) or a classic Fudgsicle for 100 calories and 2g fat. Dole makes Strawberry, Pineapple, and Banana Dippers (fruit coated in chocolate) for 60-100 calories and 4-5g fat and Nestle has Outshine fruit bars which have 60-90 calories a pop (except the Creamy Coconut flavor with 120 calories). There are a surprising number of good options out there, just read the nutritional panels!

Sweets That Are Virtually Calorie-Free

5 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth for Under 150 Calories: Sweets that are virtually calorie-free
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Say you have a low-calorie treat, but your sweet tooth is still yelling at you. Or maybe you don’t want to add any calories to your day. Try brewing a cup of dessert-flavored tea or coffee. Bigelow Salted Caramel tea is amazingly delicious and Dunkin’ Donuts has a bunch of flavorful varieties like the Bakery Series Chocolate Glazed Donut K-cup.

Sugar-free gum or mints can also be good choices. A company called Project 7 makes all-natural mints (2 1/2 calories each) in Peppermint Vanilla and Chocolate Cinnamon.  

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