5 Ways to Sneak the Yoga Lifestyle Into Your Everyday Routine

Allow the Yoga Lifestyle to Energize You

Yoga Lifestyle
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Do you find it hard to keep new year’s resolutions or other good habits alive past January? Me too! I learned meditation with my mother at age 7, and I've practiced yoga for more than 16 years, I'm a yoga teacher, and yet I still find it hard some days to sneak my practice in. 

Everyone is busy, and most people find it challenging to make changes that last. So how can you beat the inertia of cultural business and unhealthiness? Here are a few "secret" ways the yoga lifestyle helps you make positive changes that leave you healthier and happier. I use these daily, and have shared them will my family, friends and close students. They absolutely work, and now they're yours to set your life on fire!

Set Your Alarm 15 Minutes Early - With Intention

Set Alarm with Intention
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Why: 15 minutes is 1-percent of your day and your energy and health are certainly worth at least that much. If you only get these 15 minutes in, you've at least moved your body every day. If you get another practice or workout in, you're even better off!

How: Set your new alarm with the intention of giving yourself a supercharged, energy-filled 2016. You have so much to accomplish this year, and you need to feed yourself energy to get it done. Completing the following practices every day will impact your energy stores within 10 days. Think of what you most want to do and be this year as you set your alarm. Consider journaling about who you want to be, or what is written deeply on your heart. Connecting your actions to your intention or mission in life is called Sankalpa in yoga. This is a deep way to pattern positive new habits into your consciousness!

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Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning

Keep Water By Bed
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Why: You know how important hydration is, and since your body becomes dehydrated while sleeping, drinking water early in the morning is extra important. Your skin will thank you - water helps pump up your skin cells, making wrinkles less noticeable and skin appear more vibrant. Plus, you'll be setting yourself up for a day full of energy.

How: I sneak this in by putting a glass or bottle of water by my bed so I can take it with me as I get ready in the morning. I realized that as soon as I started taking a big sip before I got going, I naturally wanted more water and was easily able to drink the full glass by the time I was finished! Also, it’s next to me at night, so  if I wake up parched from the dry winter weather or if I didn’t get as much water in during the day, I can reach over and take a sip.

Do a 10-Minute CorePower Yoga Flow and 3-Minute Meditation

Custom Sun B
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Why: 10 minutes of highly efficient yoga poses first thing in the morning will help keep you moving throughout your day, making you more open to working out or taking a full class later on. You'll also jump start your metabolism and burn more calories if you move first thing.

After your 10 minute flow, try the accompanying 3-minute meditation. Three minutes of meditation has been proven to regulate mood and improve critical thinking skills, and frankly, starting the day with a quiet mind sets you up for amazing ways to think about and solve problems.

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Enjoy an Oil Massage

Applying Oil
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Why: OK I have to admit, I resisted this for years. I was told by so many people that oil massages help your skin glow, that they're great for insulating your skin from the cold, dry weather in the winter and that they calms the nervous system. I have oily skin that tends to flush, so I didn't want to add oil to my system, but I finally tried it last year with coconut oil and it really works.

How: If you're adverse to oil, try organic extra virgin coconut oil that you can buy in most grocery stores (yes, the kind you use to cook). If you have drier skin and a creative or sweet personality, I recommend trying sesame oil blends that you can get in health food stores.

The big trick is to use just a bit of oil and massage it in long strokes over your long bones (arms and legs) and circle it over your joints. The other big trick is applying the oil before layering your regular lotion on top. You won’t use as much lotion, but it seals the oil in and you won’t ruin your clothes!

Enjoy a Restorative Legs Up the Wall Pose

Legs Up the Wall Pose
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Why: This pose is highly restorative for the nervous system and moves you from your fight or flight sympathetic nervous system into the calm parasympathetic nervous system. It helps you get to the rest zone so that sleep is easier and you wake feeling more rejuvenated!

How: Sit next to a wall so that one shoulder and the side of your hip are against the wall. Swing your legs up the wall and place the blanket under your back, just above your glutes, so your pelvis tips slightly forward. Bend your knees if your hamstrings are tight. If your feet tingle from low blood flow, wiggle them or bend your knees and place your feet against the wall for a few breaths before resuming the pose. Stay in the position for at least 5 minutes.

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