5 Ways To Succeed At Your Job

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Have you noticed there are 2 groups of adults with ADHD in the job market? The first group find a job they really enjoy and excel in it, while the second group constantly feel bored or unsatisfied in their job and job hop every 3 months or so. It’s not intelligence or desire to do well that differentiates the groups. It’s that the first group have (often accidentally) discovered the keys to succeeding at their job.

Here are the 5 important factors to succeeding at your job when you have ADHD.

1.     Pick a physical environment that suits you

How do you like to work? Sitting in an office? Being physically active outside? Moving from location to location? There is no right answer; just what makes you enjoy. Some people love a job where they can drive around visiting clients, because they get bored in one place and sitting in an office would feel like a prison sentence. Others like the structure and routine of an office. If you can match your personal preference with your job, your work life will be much more enjoyable; your motivation will stay high and it will be easy to perform your work duties to a high standard.

2.     Boss style

Your boss's management style has a big effect on your performance. Many times, I have seen people do exceptionally well with one boss. Then, if the boss leaves or they get promoted and / or given a new boss within a few short months, performance and confidence quickly fall.

Everyone enjoys a slightly different management style. However, the ideal boss for someone with ADHD provides you with some structure and deadlines and the freedom to reach those deadlines using your own work style. A work environment that is judgemental or involves micro-management doesn’t bring out the best in you.


3.     Do something that you love

It doesn’t matter if you love graphic design, computer programming, the thrill of making a sale, or teaching a child to read. What matters is that you love doing it. When you love what you do, you are intrinsically motivated. When you have ADHD, this is great news. When you are motivated, your attention increases and the negative aspects of ADHD, such as feeling scattered and forgetting things, aren’t as problematic.

4.     Do the tasks you don't like

Even when you are doing something you love to do and working with a great boss, there are going to be tasks in your job that you don't enjoy. Usually, it’s attention-to-detail tasks like paperwork, or mundane things, such as tidying up. They are important, but don’t have a pressing deadline. One day, when you get an assistant,you will be able to delegate these tasks! Until then, create habits and structure in your work week to make sure these tasks are getting done. This can make the difference in getting a pay raise, or a promotion; which in turns makes you feel valued and motivated.


5.     Under promise over deliver

Many ADHDers promise to deliver results in an unrealistic timeframe. They will say that they can have a project done by tomorrow, even if it’s a 70 hours assignment. Does this sound familiar? You want to make your boss or client happy and impulsively say what you think they want to hear. You underestimate how much work is involved and overestimate how long it will take you. The problem is, if you keep missing deadlines, people feel let down and stop trusting you. In turn, your self-esteem and confidence can really drop. From now on, take 30 minutes to evaluate how many work hours a project will take you. Then, double it. Next, look at your agenda and decide realistically when you will be able to deliver. This is a win-win! Your boss will be happy and so will you.

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