5 Ways Tweens Can Be Annoying

Your tween may get on your nerves occasionally, and that's normal

Procrastination is just one tween behavior you may find annoying.
If your tween's behavior annoys you be sure to find constructive ways to help alter the behaviors.

Parenting tweens is a series of ups and downs for many parents. While you may enjoy watching your child learn and become an adolescent, there will likely be times when your tween gets on your nerves, and that's perfectly normal. Most tweens go through stages, emotionally and developmentally, and those stages can be trying at times. Below are a few common ways tweens can test your patience.

How Tweens Get On Your Nerves

They Are Attached to Their Phones: There's nothing more irritating than a tween who doesn't look up from his phone, or who texts his friends while you're having dinner, or trying to have a conversation. Many tweens are so connected to their phones that they even sleep with them, and may even check them while at school, church, or while hanging out with family. You can establish a "no phone" zone if you think the behavior has gotten out of hand. 

You Don't Understand Their Language: Tweens and teens seem to have a language all their own, and it can be frustrating to converse with a child who uses slang you don't understand. If you think your child is talking in code, you can often turn to the Internet for a translation, or you can simply ask your tween to use language that you both understand. Other parents can also be a source of information on slang and text abbreviations that you just don't get.

If you think your tween is using code to keep you out of the loop, it's important to do your research so that you can help your child avoid trouble before it starts.

They Procrastinate: While some tweens are very good at time management, it seems like the vast majority still have to perfect that important life skill.

Running to the store at night for supplies needed for a school project due the next day can be frustrating for any parent. Other common procrastinations might include neglecting to tell you when you're the designated carpool driver, or that your child needs money for a field trip or yearbook. Fortunately, your child's procrastinating ways should improve over time, and after a few hard lessons are learned. 

They Don't Listen to You Anymore: It's annoying to any parent who realizes that their child is ignoring their good advice, or simply rebelling against family rules. Tweens will push boundaries to see what they can get away with, and to test their parents. Be sure you carry through with consequences when your child is out of line. You can even draw up a contract that states what your tween is responsible for, and how you'll respond if he decides to ignore your family rules

They Can Be Self-Conscious: You know your tween is smart and adorable, but your tween may be suffering from a serious case of doubt. Tweens can be super critical of themselves (and others) and self-conscious about how they look, what they wear, who their friends are, and just about anything else you can think of.

Try to be patient with your child and focus on the positive. Hopefully, in a few years, your child's doubt will turn to self-confidence, and you'll be beyond the years of hypercritical behavior. 

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