10 Ways You Know You're a Mom of Twins

Surefire signs that you're making it through life as a mom of multiples.

Moms of twins are pretty amazing. When the challenges of raising multiples are set before them, they come up with some creative ways to cope. From fending off the "double trouble" comments or explaining (for the hundredth time) why boy/girl twins can not be identical, to juggling a loaded diaper bag and a gargantuan double stroller the size of a small SUV (while simultaneously keeping one baby from eating the other's kneecap), moms of twins reveal their characteristic charm and competence. 

Moms of twins count the minutes between their childrens' births instead of years. They don't do hand-me-downs because their kids use everything at the same time. They can multitask like a computer,  juggle like a circus performer, and have steel trap memories so that they can remember -- and keep straight -- every infinitesimal detail about each child. 

You might even consider them superheroes. They manage to be in two places at the same time, such as open house night at school, where they are the ones with two kids in the same grade. They fly through the supermarket aisles with a double stroller so quickly that no one can stop them long enough to spout inquiries like, "Are they twins?" They can leap over a sofa in a single bound to stop one twin from climbing on his brother to pull the juice off the counter. 

You can't always recognize a mom of twins. But some things are a surefire sign. I've collected some of the best submissions from the "You Know You're a Mom of Twins" feature and highlighted them here. For your reading pleasure, here are the Top Ten Ways that You Know You're a Mom of Twins.  

Due Any Day

pregnant with twins
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Let's face it. When you're pregnant with twins, it starts to show. If you're lucky -- and your twins don't arrive too soon due to premature labor -- the last months of a twin pregnancy can result in quite a startling shape. A mom that's pregnant with twins definitely attracts attention. You know you have twins on the way when …

  • … you are asked,  "Well, aren't you just as pregnant as can be?!'"and you say '"No, I'm not. I have more than three months to go!"

Mistaken Identity

Moms of twins are pretty good at keeping their kids straight. They can instinctively tell who is who and which is which. But sometimes, sleep deprivation and exhaustion get the the best of you.  You know you're a mom of twins when ...

  • you wake up to a crying baby, pick the baby up, turn around and lay her on the bed only to realize she's still asleep, and the crying is continuing behind you...

Tooth Fairy Times Two

When you have singletons, you get to relish your children's milestones one by one. But when you have twins, they often reach those milestones simultaneously. For example, when those baby teeth fall out and the tooth fairy needs to pay a visit. That tooth fairy better have big pockets, you know? You're definitely a mom of twins when ...

  • you have to do tooth fairy duties twice in one week. For the same tooth, only opposite sides.

(Sounds like mirror image twins!)

One is Nothing

Because they're used to doing two, moms of twins can get a little exasperated when they hear other women complaining about how hard it is with one. Don't blame us if we get grouchy. It's just that when you're a mom of twins … 

  • … you stare at whining mothers of single, calm babies who try to "relate" to you about tough feedings, little sleep, and grocery shopping taking twice as long, and consider punching them dead in the nose. But know you don't have enough strength, and one of your twins is racing through the parking lot while the other is climbing onto the roof of your minivan. Oh, and when that poor, innocent, ignorant mom of one calm baby hugs her own close to her chest and gives you a sympathetic look, you are tempted to say, "Hey, God can't trust EVERYONE with more than one kid at a time." And sometimes you DO say it. (Gah, and it takes you an hour type a response this long because your twin boys are racing in and out of the house with their new found rock collections that smell suspiciously of dog-poo.)


  • when you see a new baby with their shell-shocked looking parents and only feel contempt. I mean, really, how hard is it to take care of one baby at a time?

Medical Mashup

Twins always like to share, but one thing they are very generous about sharing is … germs! Moms of twins know that when one kid gets a bug, his twin won't be far behind. Thank goodness for sympathetic pediatricians who don't give us the evil eye when… 

  • … you take one of your twins to the doctor because he/she is sick then you ask the doctor for two prescriptions because you know the other twin will be catching to really soon.

But for every compassionate and cooperative medical professional, there's another one who just can't grasp the concept of two kids with the same birthday. Only moms of twins spend hours on the phone sifting through situations like this...

  • … the insurance company denies payment for medication because you had two of the same prescriptions filled on the same day. I guess twins are only allowed to get sick on different days! Hey, they have the same birthdate, and the same last name, but not the same first name. Check it out before you deny! 

Planning Pro

Being a mom of twins requires the strategic planning skills of a topnotch general. Maybe moms with just one kid can just head out into the great blue yonder, but when you have twins, you've got to have a plan. If this is how you approach errands, you know you're a mom of twins when … 

  • … you have to plan out the stores you will be shopping at. Will this store have double doors so the stroller can fit through? Will the aisles be wide enough to get around? Will this market have a double-seated shopping cart? I've even called ahead to see if the store provides carts with double seats. I go to a certain grocery store because they provide double seat carts and the other one doesn't...their loss!

​Not to mention...

  • … your baby bag for going out for three hours looks like the ones the other moms send for the entire weekend at Grandma's!

You Let Yourself Go

W/hen you have twins, your priorities shift. That may mean some sacrifices in the areas of personal appearance and well, let's be honest, …  basic hygiene. You dress for comfort and endurance, with preference for stain resistance and odor concealment. You choose colors that hide (or at least match) lint, pet hair, spit up, jarred baby food smears, and other things we'd prefer not to mention. So it's likely you're a mom of twins when...

  • … taking a shower every three days is normal, and you only look in the mirror to make sure you won't offend anyone at the grocery store.
  • … you're lucky if you manage to shave more than twice a month.
  • … at 10:00AM you know you have to go to the bathroom, but at 5:00PM you still haven't had the time to go.


Moms of multiples should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. They come up with some pretty creative strategies for keeping the peace. Twins don't always get along, you know. For every precious moment where they are best buddies, they also spend plenty of time fighting. Over everything. Moms of twins expertly find ways to minimize the squabbles, and devote a good amount of effort to keeping things fair and equal. For example, only moms of twins  … 

  • … have an entire section of their brain dedicated solely to keeping track of whose turn it is to _______ (enter item here). Everything from who gets to  … sit in the front seat … go first in the shower … choose the movie … take out the trash … use the "good" cup … push the elevator button … etc. 

And apparently that instinct never fades.

  • ..even though (my twins) are 19 now, I still catch myself counting fish sticks to make sure they get the same amount.

Double Talk

For moms of multiples, everything is plural. Forgive us when we refer to "they" and "them" when speaking of a single child. Our minds are simply wired to think in pairs. You're clearly a mom of twins when...

  • … in talking to expectant mothers, you refer to their bump as "babies" instead of "baby." (You expect that because you had multiples, everyone else is too!)

Strategic Shopper

Provisioning your family when you have twins can be a big undertaking. Double the stuff means double the cost. And the consequences of running low can be disastrous. It's a good bet you're a mom of multiples if … 

  • ... you buy bulk diapers from Costco IN BULK!!! OR when you wait for the shoe stores to have a BOGO (Buy One Get One) sale!! (I get BOGO haircuts too!)
  • … you pass up a great deal because the coat only comes in a color one of your twins likes. (We always need two similar coats, but in different colors).
  • … you always buy things in duplicate, no matter what it is, even if you only need one at a time. (two boxes of cereal, two packages of toilet paper, two kinds of ice cream).

Actually, come to think of it … 

  • … you NEVER buy just one of anything - regardless !!

Maybe you even resort to this … 

  • … I buy all sorts of stuff online to avoid packing up my singleton and twins and going to the store.

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