Weather Craft for Preschoolers

Make a Weather Wheel with Your Preschooler

Weather wheel weather craft
This easy-to-make weather wheel not only helps teach your preschooler about the weather and seasons, but it also builds your child's observational skills and vocabulary!. Amanda Rock

It's easy to teach your preschooler about the weather outside with this fun and easy-to-make weather wheel. With just some basic supplies, you can make this weather craft together, and in no time at all you'll both be on your way to giving Al Roker a run for his money!

Not only does the weather wheel help your preschooler learn basic observational skills, it's also a good way to build up his vocabulary. Together you can practice words related to weather. For example, how many different ways can you say what the rain is doing? (Drizzling, pouring, teaming, etc.) You can also use this weather craft to teach your preschooler about the seasons. For example, if you are turning the wheel in July, ask why you wouldn't turn the arrows to the snow section. You'll also learn about how the weather can change during the day and often be two different things at once! (Ever gone out to play in a sun shower?)

Before you start any crafts with your preschooler, it is a good idea to lay out all of your supplies first. This will save time and frustration on the part of your little one. There is a little bit of drying time associated with this craft, but that comes at the end, so you shouldn't have to wait between steps. For more tips on crafting with preschoolers, read: "Making Arts and Crafts with Your Preschooler."


  • White construction paper
  • Blue construction paper
  • Gray construction paper
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Construction paper in one other color
  • Ruler
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White paint
  • Snowflake stamp
  • Yellow or gold paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sun stamp
  • Gold paper fastener
  • Hole puncher

Get Crafting

  1. Using a circle template (or even tracing a dinner plate or large bowl), cut out a large circle out of the white construction paper. Do the same for the blue, making the circle about an inch smaller in diameter all around.
  2. Using the gray construction paper, cut out a cloud. Using the other color construction paper, cut out the top of an umbrella.
  3. Using the yellow construction paper, cut out two arrows, one double in size than the other. To figure out how big your arrows need to be, measure from the center of both circles. The larger arrow needs to reach to the edge of the white circle and the smaller arrow needs to reach to the edge of the blue circle. 
  4. Place the blue circle over the white circle. Use the hole punch to punch holes in the tops of each arrow and through the center of the circles. Line all four holes up and fasten with the gold paper fastener. 
  5. Use the marker and ruler to draw a line cutting the blue circle and the edges of the white circle into quarters. 
  6. Along the edge of the white circle, use the marker to write "Warm" "Hot" "Windy" and "Cold". Place one word in each sectioned-off quarter.
  7. Glue the gray cloud into one section of the blue circle. Glue the umbrella top in one section of the blue circle. Draw handle and add gold "raindrops" using the gold paint and a small paintbrush.
  8. Use the snowflake stamp to make a snowflake in one section of the blue circle. Use the sun stamp to make a star in one section of the blue circle. 
  9. Hang your weather wheel where your preschooler can access it. Turn the arrows to reflect the weather. Use it every day to report the weather outside!

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