Websites That Will Enlighten and Entertain You - Issue 10

Issue 10

World Wide Web
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Each month you'll find a new list of fascinating Web sites that you may not encounter. With millions of sites out there, even a Google search won't help you find many of them. You'd have to know exactly what you are looking for to find some of these sites and even then you get only sites that Google thinks you should find. That's true of any search engine, of course, not just Google. No worries, though!

Just check back every month to find the new list of interesting Web sites I found for you. Follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page, too. You'll be informed when the month's list is ready and posted!

Awesome Company Will Turn Everything You Ask Into a Stuffed Toy

I absolutely love this Web site! If your child likes to draw, you can send one of your child's drawings to the company and it will turn it into a stuffed toy that looks exactly like the picture your child drew. Is your child afraid of things that go bump in the night? How about having him draw a picture of his idea of a super hero that can protect him from such things? You can have that drawing turned into a stuffed hero that your child can then take to bed with him, or carry anywhere. It can be just for fun, too, though. Perhaps your child enjoys drawing animals or creatures that exist only in her imagination. Now they can exist as a stuffed toy!

Check out the samples on the site. They are really amazing!

23 Perfect Words For Emotions You Never Realised Anyone Else Felt

I admit it. I am a real sucker for any site about words, especially words I never heard of and yet can be so very useful! This is one such site. It has 25 words that I bet you never heard of either.

You most likely didn't hear them before because they were all coined by John Koenig. One of my favorites is monachopsis, which is "the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place." Maybe we could add that to the list of typical traits of gifted kids. Koenig has plenty more words, too, and if you're really interested, you can go to his Facebook page and check out the explanations behind the coining of the words. He has carefully constructed the words from a variety of languages so that the words have true and interesting etymologies.

9 of the Best Websites to Teach You Art Skills

This site is very simple and quite basic. It is nothing more than a list of sites. BUT...the list of sites provided are wonderful! Not all of the sites teach art, although two teach drawing skills and two teach about digital painting. The also include sites on photography, lighting, and art history, as well as a link to an art gallery collection. There is something for everyone, including beginners and those needing to learn about how to set up a studio and select the right kinds of tools like brushes.

69 Awesome Brain Hacks That Give You Mind-Blowing Powers

The heading for this site might seem like a bit of hyperbole, but I will say some some of these "hacks" are truly awesome. For example, did you know that if you stop thinking about the future, you get better at everything? That seems counterintuitive in some ways. After all, isn't thinking about the future one way that helps us focus on doing well? We do want to have a good future, don't we? That's hack #69. Hack #28 tells us that music can boost our immune system. What's great about this site isn't just that it gives these little hacks, but explains just how the hacks works.

The Big Picture

I wish I'd known about this site long ago. It can help you organize your life quickly and so very easily. I recently read a book called "The Organized Mind," by Daniel Levitin, which explains the way our minds work and remember things. The book provides some really good tips on how to remember things, including ideas and tasks. One idea was to use notecards. I understood the value of such a system, but much of my day is spent in front of a computer, so using notecards didn't appeal to me much. I wished for a computer program that would work the same way. This site grants my wish! You can create projects (which you can share with others if you like) and then add items to those projects. You can move items from one project to another (just as you could with notecards, moving cards from one pile to another). You can even create a new task from one of the smaller items. There is also a calendar to which you can drag items from your to-do lists in projects and then put them on the month, day, and time where you want or need to do them. You can also access the calendar separately so that you can add all the family appointments. Check it out!

Animal Facts You Never Knew Existed

Did you know that a happy dog's tail wags to the right while a sad dog's tail wags to the left? That's a great way to know how your dog is feeling. This site has fourteen other interesting animal facts that are presented along with animated gifs that just make the information even more entertaining that it already is. For example, you can see a funny gif showing how scientists had first tried to pull off the bill from a duckbilled platypuss. Apparently, those who first say the creature thought the bill was fake. You still have thirteen other animal facts to learn about!

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