Websites to Help you Pass on Kindness to Others

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There are many websites dedicated to helping others. Getty / John Rensten

People with social anxiety often spend a lot of time inside of their heads. Research tells us that one way to counteract this tendency is participate in acts of kindness, such as giving to charity, mowing a neighbour's lawn, or cooking dinner for a friend.

In a study at Simon Fraser University, individuals who participated in acts of kindness over four weeks had greater improvement in their social anxiety compared to those who engaged in exposure and a control group.

Kindness can be the key to feeling a part of the world around you. There are many ways to help others and feel like an important part of your world.


Kiva is an organization that helps people all over the world. Check out and you will see stories of kindness from around the world. A simple act of lending $25 to an individual in a third world country can help change his or her life forever.

Kiva has many examples of how kindness has changed people’s lives. One such example is as follows:

Mrs. Dung is raising pigs to support her family. She has no capital to buy more baby pigs and cannot get a bank loan. She is requesting a loan through Kiva. You could change her life by a simple act of kindness.

Keep in mind that the money from Kiva is a loan, not a gift. This helps others stand on their own and before requesting a loan, they must have a plan.

Kiva has many ways to help others. You can purchase items in the store, create a Kiva campaign, hand out postcards, dedicate a loan or be part of a larger loan.

If you choose to dedicate a loan you will see a photo and be able to read the story of the person whose life is about to be changed.

My Global Kindness

My Global Kindness is another organization that is all about kindness. Global Kindness anonymously supports over 350 families, one person at a time, through the help of others who donate time or money.

Global Kindness also accepts donations of furniture, cars, toys, clothing and other items.

Random Acts

Random Acts is a website all about kindness and helping others. Their website encourages people to be a catalyst for positive change. Their values include the phrase, “Kindness breeds kindness.” Random Acts has many ways to help others. You can donate your time or money but they really encourage people to simply do random acts of kindness.

Metro World Child

Metro World Child is an organization that encourages kindness by helping children. Their website  asks for volunteers to spend 4 months helping children. They are a Christian organization and are looking for spiritually mature Christians to volunteer with them. They focus on children in New York City and  the Philippines.

The Human Kindness Foundation

The Human Kindness Foundation is focused on inmates. This organization believes it is important for prisoners and guards to remember that prisoners are still humans. They encourage people to volunteer and have a guide book available to anyone that is interested in a being a part of their group.

The World Kindness Movement

The World Kindness Movement is an organization that began in Tokyo in 1997. Their mission is to inspire individuals toward greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world. Each member has the responsibility to organize their own activities related to kindness. Hundreds of stories can be read on this website about members in countries all over the world that have created their own way to spread kindness in their part of the world.

World Kindness Australia

The tagline of World Kindness Australia is “Because it’s cool to be kind” and their website has many ideas about how to be kind at home, school or work and acts that can be done alone or with a group.

Kindness is something that the entire world can appreciate. If you take the time to really look, there are many opportunities in your part of the world for acts of kindness. Look further and you will find unlimited ways to be kind to others, and to help others. Helping or giving to others is also a great way to really get to know yourself.


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