How Do I Cope With Wedding Photos When I Have Social Anxiety?

If you suffer with social anxiety, chances are that you do not like to have your photograph taken. However, if you are getting married, wedding photos are an inescapable reality. In addition to a professional photographer, your friends and family will want to snap a few. How do you deal with anxiety about having your photo taken? Below are some tips to help manage nervous energy when the lens is focused on you.

  1. Avoid stress. The key to managing anxiety about being photographed is to keep stress to a minimum on your wedding day. Stress can be avoided through planning for when things go wrong (as some of them most certainly will). Avoid unrealistic expectations, pad your schedule, and plan for a relaxing morning. Otherwise stress will come across in your photos.
  2. Choose a photographer you trust. Make sure that you choose someone whose work you like and who makes you feel at ease. Having your photos taken by someone that you feel comfortable with will make a world of difference.
  3. Plan for group photos. Have someone other than yourself coordinate group photos so that everyone knows where to be and at what time. Make sure that they are given this schedule prior to the wedding day.
  4. Have a trial run. For brides, try out your hair and makeup before the big day to make sure you are comfortable with the style. Feeling confident about the way that you look will mean one less worry on your wedding day.
  1. Relax. As difficult as it may be, accept that you will be the center of attention for one day. Use relaxation exercises prior to and during the photo shoot to manage anxiety and remember that it is your day and your time to shine.

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