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Walking Calories and Weight Management Calculators

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When you are walking for weight loss you need to know the numbers to help you stay on track. If you know the numbers, you are better able to set reasonable goals and expectations. You can also be motivated to move more and to make better food choices.

Walking Calorie Calculators

We have three calculators that are based on metabolic equivalents - the number of calories that you burn compared with being at rest.

Your weight is a significant factor in how many calories you burn per minute or mile of walking.

Walking Calorie Calculator

Use this calculator if you know how far you have walked. Enter your weight, approximate pace, and distance walked to calculate how many calories you have burned.

Walking Distance and Calorie Calculator

Use this calculator if you know how many minutes you have walked and your approximate pace. Enter your weight, pace, and minutes to calculate distance walked and calories burned.

Pedometer Steps Distance and Calorie Calculator

Pedometer users enter their step total, steps per mile, weight and approximate pace to calculate their distance and calories burned. You will need to know your steps per mile to use this calculator. This can be an interesting comparison if your pedometer has this function built in.

Calorie Control Calculators

Daily Calories - Basic Metabolic Rate
This is an important number to know, the number of calories you typically burn per day in normal activity.

You can use this calculator to find it. Then to lose weight, aim to eat 300 or 400 fewer calories than you burn each day.

Best Pedometers for Dieters
An activity monitor pedometer may give you access to an app and/or online dashboard to use as a food diary, analyze nutrition, set weight and activity goals, log your weight and more.

In addition, of course, to counting your steps and tracking your exercise. These are the ones that put it all together in a great way for dieters.

Daily 40-30-30 Diet Calculator
Calculate the grams and calories of carbohydrates, protein, and fat if you are using a 40-30-30 diet.

How to Use a Diet App Effectively
If you use an app to track your diet and activity, here are the ins and out to make sense of your ups and downs. They are very useful for tracking what you eat and what you burn, but they often lack ​the personalized support that could help your success.

Fit or Fat Calculators

Body Mass Index Calculator - BMI
Find out if you are fit or fat and judge your health risks. Enter your height and weight to find your BMI. While it is a simple number that many say is flawed, it gives you an indication if you are normal, overweight or obese.

Ideal Weight Calculator
What weight would be considered to be perfect for your height and gender? You can use this calculator to find the ideal.

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