Weight Loss for Seniors

Healthy weight improves overall health

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We have been told for years that carrying extra weight can lead to big health problems. Unfortunately seniors have greater challenges in the "battle of the bulge". As we age our metabolism naturally slow down. We tend to be less active and more sedentary for many reasons. We also have the challenge of maintaining an adequate nutritional status. Studies have shown that a twenty-year-old and a 60-year-old who eat the same meal and then participate in the same exercise will have burn different amounts of calories.

The 20-year-old will burn significantly more calories.

There are hundreds of books, tapes and Websites that tout the latest and greatest diets and exercise programs. It can be very confusing. What may work for one person, may not work for another. I would advise you investigate all diets carefully and review all with your physician before starting. Be sure to review your medications with him (or her) at the same time, as some medications may react with certain foods. Stay away from fads and outrageous claims. I have searched the web and found some sites you can look at. I've included both diet and exercise.

Diet Resources
Atkins - Low Carb
About.com's own guide to weight loss examines the low carbohydrate diet. This has been very successful for many people. The most famous of these is the Atkins Diet which recent research has shown to be safe for short term weight loss.

Food Pyramid
While dieting you must still maintain adequate nutrition.

The Food Pyramid is a good resource to use to make sure you are on track.

South Beach Diet
This article from the Mayo Clinic provides some simple and easy ways to eliminate extra calories from your diet.

Exercise Resources
Seniors Exercise
A collection of sites for exercise programs geared towards seniors.

From About.com's own exercise guide, the best of the web in exercise for seniors.

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