Weight Loss Help for the Do-It-Yourself Dieter

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Some people sign up for expensive diet services or commercial weight loss programs. But lets face it, those programs can be pricey and some can be time-consuming.  So most of us end up dieting alone. 

If you've ditched the big diet programs and jumped on the do-it yourself bandwagon, use one of these budget (or free!) diet apps and websites to get weight loss help, nutritional advice, diet tips and tools to help you slim down and keep the weight off.


Budget-Friendly Diet Apps and Websites to Help You Lose Weight

  • SuperTracker.  This government website makes weight loss easier with tools and trackers to monitor both your diet and fitness program. You'll find nutritional information for over 8000 foods and other resources to improve your health.  Use a personalized plan based on your height, weight and age or use the general plan to get started.
    Cost: Free!
  • Numi.  Nutrisystem launched this low-cost diet app and website to help do-it-yourself dieters find weight loss success. With NuMi you get a personalized weight loss program based on your own food preferences, lifestyle, metabolism, activity level and weight loss goals.  The NuMi Squad provides coaching and motivation.
    Cost: $20/month (approximately)
  • Rise  If you want professional help from a registered dietitian but don't have the budget to afford the sessions, consider Rise, a smartphone app pairs users with qualified nutritionists.  Use the app to snap photos of your meals and get feedback to help you lose weight.
    Cost: $ 10-15/week based on plan
  • CalorieCount.  There are hundreds of calorie tracking apps and websites available but this is one of my favorites. The site's Calorie Camp connects you with other users who can provide support and motivation when your diet hits the skids.  Another popular favorite is MyFitnessPal that has a clean design and user-friendly system.
    Cost: Free!
  • How to Start Your Own Weight Loss Program at Home  You don't need a degree to coach yourself through the weight loss process.  Follow these guides to become your own personal trainer and get all of the nutritional information you need to slim down
    Cost: Free!
  • 6 Weeks to a Better Body (e-course)  If you prefer a simple, guided approach to weight loss, sign up for my e-course and you'll get an email from me each week with simple tasks to complete.  You'll learn the basics of losing weight and keeping it off.
    Cost: Free!
  • How to Lose Weight with Exercise (e-course) This beginner's program guides you along as you begin a new exercise program to improve your level of fitness and slim down. Emails sent directly to you on a semi-weekly basis explain each step in the process.
    Cost: Free

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