Weight Loss Tips Just for Men

Men have different challenges when it comes to losing weight. These weight loss tips are tailored just for guys. You can use them whether you have five pounds to lose or 50 pounds to lose. Start today and get moving on the path to a leaner you.

Learn Weight Loss Basics

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This short video gives you the basic low-down on losing weight with advice just for guys. Take a few minutes to view it and see how many of the tips you can incorporate into your day-to-day routine.

Gather Data About Your Health

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This is code for “go to the doctor,” a phrase dreaded by scores of men. But, the bottom line is that a check-up with your primary care doctor could be the most important first step to losing weight. Your doctor can tell you how losing just a few pounds can change your risk for disease, your need for medication or even your sex life.

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Get Smarter at the Gym

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I asked around at different gyms to find out what guys often do to sabotage their own workouts.  There was no shortage of answers.  Check this list to be sure you're not falling victim to one of these blunders.

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Eat the Right Amount of Food

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What's one of the most common diet mistakes made by men?  They overeat certain foods.  Find out how much you should actually eat when you sit down at meal time or during snacks.

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Learn How to Cook and Eat Lean Protein

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Guys need protein to build healthy muscle. But many sources of protein are high in fat and calories. So do you need a supplement? Probably not.  Find out how to get the right amount of protein, then learn to prepare healthy low-fat meals that are both filling and satisfying.

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Learn Healthy Relaxation Techniques

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How do you unwind at the end of the day?  Do you watch television? Do you grab a beer? Do you fall asleep on the couch? The way that you unwind may affect the way that you lose weight. Learn healthy relaxation methods to lose fat faster and reach your health goals.

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Get Expert Weight Loss Tips from Men

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Don't get advice from that dude at the gym. Get advice from experts in the fields of weight loss, bodybuilding, exercise, and diet. I assembled a panel of men - all experts in these fields - to provide the best tips and advice for guys who want to slim down, get rid of their gut and get healthy.

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