Weird Dreams Pregnant Women Have

Pregnant woman sleeping on bed
Weird Dreams Pregnant Women Have. Photo © Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

Dreams in pregnancy can be completely bizarre. They can be frightening. Some moms report losing sleep because of the dreams, while others laugh them off and roll over and go back to sleep. I have been talking to pregnant women for years, and I have come to realize that there are some dreams that are fairly common for pregnant women to have. Here are the dreams I hear moms talk about a lot:

Baby Being Removed 

One of the most common dreams I hear women talk about in pregnancy is of the baby being removed somehow.

Sometimes this is just a look see, like the mom who talked about how she could open her belly button and pull the baby out to check on it in her dreams. Another mom talked about how her belly was made of glass and she could lift her shirt and peer into the abdomen. These types of dreams tend to be laughed off or found to be fun. Another form of this dream involves someone else forcibly removing the baby. One mom dreamed that aliens took her baby away. Another mom dreamed that her doctor took the baby at an appointment because he was unhappy with something that she had done in pregnancy. These dreams are a bit more frightening.

Strange Relationships 

Lots of moms dream about odd relationships. They may friend someone they wouldn't have normally, or even have romantic relationships with someone. I will confess, many years ago when I was pregnant with my third baby, I dreamed that I was dating Bill Nye the Science Guy.

It was a platonic relationship that mostly consisted of picnics and bike riding. I had dreams about Bill for a few weeks. I even told my husband about them. He laughed it off and I did too after I realized it wasn’t a flaw in me or our relationship. Though some moms do have dreams that get sexually explicit with someone other than their partner.

The ones that really bother moms involve their practitioners. Just remember, it’s not really happening, you aren’t cheating on anyone and it’s all good. You may or may not want to “confess” to the dream, that will depend on how your partner will take it and what you need to maintain your sanity.

Problems with the Baby 

Problems with the baby are something everyone worries about, no matter what prenatal testing you’ve done and what it says. There is just that desire to have a healthy baby. Moms dream of having animals, like a litter of puppies or kitties instead of a human baby. They will talk about how they dreamed of a baby with two heads, or missing parts. This is all normal, even if it is scary.

Partner Being Unfaithful 

There is a lot of talk about these dreams because they play on a woman’s deep-seated fears about the relationship. It may be based on reality or it may be totally off base. Sometimes it stems from concerns surrounding her changing body, the changes in her sex life (particularly if she’s been told not to have sex), or what their lives will be like in the future as parents.

The Ex 

The dreams that scare moms more than anything are dreams about an ex. Even if it’s a dream where she’s obviously not interested and fighting the ex, it’s one that really seems to rile moms up.

Some of the dreams are of them getting back together, which can be really confusing for moms.

Bad Parenting 

As if worrying about what kind of parent you will be during the day weren’t enough, many moms have dreams about parenting fails. The truth is, the dreams are often much worse than the mistakes you will make as a parent. That doesn’t always stop you from feeling awful about it, however. One mom talked about how she dreamed she left the house and came home hours later to a crying baby – she’d forgotten the baby was here and didn’t feed or change him or even hire a babysitter. You will hear tales about leaving kids in the car, forgetting them at the store, having them dressed inappropriately.

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